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Why did I ignore that toothache! Today saw me crying like a baby while my daughter phoned the dentist after the pain became so bad. like labour pains in my face. An infection has set in so I am full of antibiotics, pain killers and self pity :(
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2013 20:40 GMT georgygirl2
aww bless you. hope its sorted fast!
Oct 22 2013 21:07 GMT saffi9
not a lot worse than toothache
Oct 23 2013 01:09 GMT peterpinhole
Ouch! take care and get well soon.
Oct 23 2013 04:32 GMT hallo
I see what you feel!!
Oct 23 2013 09:15 GMT inna68
A little bit hororble......:-/
Oct 23 2013 09:42 GMT superJoan
Julie look after those teeth, to me the ultimate in getting old is to lose your teeth.. Dentists are not my favourite people so I feel for you.....How I hate teeth..!!!!!!
Oct 23 2013 15:38 GMT bandsix
Sorry about your toothache, Julie, hope the antibiotics work very quickly and the pain is sorted:)) No escape when something is in your head/face is there?
Oct 24 2013 13:49 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barbara..:-))
Nov 09 2013 20:39 GMT abojovna PRO
I hope you're feeling better! Very illustrative pictures of tooth pain :-(