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These are my dragons when I first got them, here they are 6 weeks old.
They are now 18 months.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 23 2013 06:20 GMT saffi9
they look like a choir :)
Apr 23 2013 08:18 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Adorable baby dragons - an appropriate picture for St.George's Day!
Apr 23 2013 09:57 GMT clintonfolks
great photo..
Apr 23 2013 10:02 GMT hallo
Happy family :)
Apr 23 2013 17:27 GMT bandsix
This is so funny...all the different expressions..and the little grumpy looking one in the middle!
Apr 23 2013 19:22 GMT mellie
Great shot; I really like the baby with the grin.
Apr 23 2013 21:04 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful dragon family, Julie..:-))
Apr 23 2013 21:18 GMT georgygirl2
how big are they now??
Apr 23 2013 22:35 GMT pauli3522
omg....do they keep a good relation??..i mean..do they fight between them??
is their food expensive?
Apr 23 2013 22:36 GMT julie13
From head to tail they are about a foot long. The one at the top is bigger, but he was a greedy baby and a bully, so he now has a tank of his own.
Apr 23 2013 22:44 GMT julie13
Girl dragons can live in a group, as my 4 girls do, but the males cannot even look at each other. My 3 boys are in seperate rooms, even seeing their own reflection is enough to start them off and boys are very demanding. They bang on their tanks to get attention, they get jealous if you talk to the others but girls are chilled and much less demanding,
Apr 23 2013 22:59 GMT junne PRO
a wonderful group picture against the totally black background
Apr 23 2013 23:20 GMT pauli3522
wow..it seems a little bit hard to keep them....
Apr 24 2013 15:03 GMT mellie
Thank you, Julie. This is really interesting info; I never knew how cool they were!
Apr 24 2013 18:07 GMT Labkhand
Clear Shot !
Apr 24 2013 19:02 GMT Annamaria
Great familyportrait! ;-)