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Sleep Well My Angel.
My beardie, we nicknamed him Fatty because as a baby he would eat and eat, often depriving his siblings of food. He was soon moved to his own tank and grew into a beautiful boy. Sadly without warning, no illness, he just passed away.
You have to learn all you can medically when you keep reptiles. Reptile vets can be too far away or just too expensive. Luckily our local vet is quite knowledgeable and has treated one of our snakes, but most ailments have been treated by me. I kept antibiotics the dentist gave me because they are the ones that are used for reptiles. Cured my snake of a chest infection and mouth rot with an over the counter remedy that kids have when they get oral thrush. Good old fashioned Vicks helped her breathing and she made a full recovery.
Sadly, Fatty gave no indication of any illness, but I suspect that he swallowed too much food at once, causing impaction. He never learnt to pace himself and often got annoyed that I kept large amounts of food back while waiting for him to finish the first lot.
He hated other beardies, even females and as a baby he was not allowed to interact with the others because he wanted to bite off their feet, but he loved his humans :)
He was a character, he didn't like anything changed in his tank and too many times he thought he could fly, taking many leaps of faith from his tank to hubby's chair, often missing and having to be rescued from behind the speaker.
I will miss this little character, he was only 5, but I also have his sisters, Willow and Tarja who are such beautiful girls and Tarja looks so much like him.
We lost Lady, my adopted old timer last year and before that we lost Grace, another adopted reptile that really did not stand a chance after awful neglect but all the others I have had since they were babies and it is so sad to see one go.
If I ever get another beardie I will only adopt. I do not need the perfect pet with all it's toes or a complete tail, I find myself drawn to the ones overlooked like Lady, one foot, half a tail and so very depressed. Well if you ever look back at photos I have posted you will see a light in her eyes that took a while to come back, but it came back. She lived with my three gentle girls, we adapted the tank for her disability and most importantly, we loved her.
Baby and Digit were bought as babies because I felt sorry for them because they had toes missing, both grown into beautiful adults.
Fatty was perfect, show standard apparently, but to us he was just our pet, his ego was big enough :)
Sleep well Fatty. We will miss you X X X
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Comments on this photo:

3 hours ago hans55 PRO
is 5 years old for a bearded dragon ?? .... a very nice memory portrait !!
1 hour ago MargNZ
I am sad for you Julie ... yes sleep well Fatty >
1 hour ago gtc126
Great Capture in B/W!!!!!!!!! Sorry for you Loss!!!!!, Julie!!!!!
42 minutes ago abojovna PRO
Sorry for your loos, Julie!