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Julie13's Fotothing

I see a red door and I want it painted black

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Due to an overactive imagination, I avoid dark country roads when driving alone. I scare myself stupid, especially on this road. It is dense woodland on either side and it is about 3 miles long. Reminds me of that horror movie called Dead End.
So with it being so close to halloween I used a photograph I took when hubby was driving and added a few creepier effects :)
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Comments on this photo:

15 hours ago MargNZ
This is certainly creepy Julie ... great work though :)
13 hours ago FLUMP
Good job....feeling a bit like death warmed up this morning!
12 hours ago ForestSpirit
That's fantastic, Julie - very scary!
11 hours ago bandsix
I think I'd avoid that road too...especially now!
11 hours ago Littleollie
you're a worry!!!
I hope you keep that imagination in check;except when you let it loose like this on Fotothing.
Excellent work Julie.
9 hours ago Papagena
I am becoming scared more and more viewing your series Julie !! ;~(
5 hours ago Jeanmac
Very creepy, I'm surprised you don't have nightmares!!!!!!!