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This past Friday, I had the pleasure and good fortune to spend many hours with my good friend Michelle Stillwell, multiple paralympic Olympic champion and multiple world record holder.
I was an integral part of Michelle's legal team after her accident. We have come full circle, as currently currently she is a major support for Mrs. Jomoud in dealing with her disability.
Michelle lives in British Columbia and does not often visit Winnipeg. This time she did and we spend many hours talking and had a fabulous enjoyable lunch.
She brought some of her medals.
Yes, that is her Olympic GOLD medal I am wearing:):):)
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 13 2011 03:14 GMT iyerhari
Very auscpicious Day/time!!!
Jun 13 2011 03:17 GMT MargNZ
What an honour John ... courageous and beautiful young lady :)
Jun 13 2011 03:21 GMT fhelsing PRO
This is wonderful!
Jun 13 2011 03:42 GMT verarenm
Great time you had John! Sweet photo!
Jun 13 2011 04:04 GMT Kaska
great story John, I remember you writing about Michelle another time.
you both seem to have great time, judging by your smiles :)
Jun 13 2011 04:07 GMT sini
Great happy double portrait!:)
Jun 13 2011 06:22 GMT daveb
Lucky chap John
Jun 13 2011 06:29 GMT Jakeobean
John...what a wonderful experience...and congratulations on your work with the support group.....
Jun 13 2011 06:57 GMT Annamaria
You are doing a great job, John and its so nice of Michelle to help your wife in this hard time.... I am glad you had a great time together!! ;-)
Jun 13 2011 06:59 GMT hans55 PRO
a beautiful young lady John ...must have been a very nice experiance for you to wear a gold medal !! :-))
Jun 13 2011 08:09 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great moments
Jun 13 2011 10:09 GMT maria123
This is a wonderful story!
Jun 13 2011 14:31 GMT FRIESIAN
I think that you had a wonderful time John!!
Jun 13 2011 18:30 GMT charlie26
Wonderful story and very nice shot. Must be great to talk and see her.
Jun 14 2011 00:19 GMT megmet PRO
A beautiful young lady.....glad to hear she is being supportive to Joyce.
Jun 15 2011 00:52 GMT T1MELESS PRO
You now have more wonderful memories John. A great story.!!!!!
Jun 15 2011 02:30 GMT Studio88
Great Story and Honor....Very Beautiful ;-)
Jun 15 2011 13:07 GMT Donjames
Jun 15 2011 14:58 GMT martini957
Jun 15 2011 17:39 GMT elsje323
wonderful story
Jun 15 2011 18:58 GMT bandsix
this is great John.....you certainly look very happy, and Michelle is inspirational.....
Jun 15 2011 20:20 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful story, congratulations!