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In this entry I have tried to combine many of my hobbies into one image:

Photography and music, sports such as sailing, hockey and football (soccer); all superimposed over one of my favourite Fotothing pages!:)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 18 2008 01:47 GMT Poulet PRO
You have many interesting hobbies dear John and its great!
Great presentation and entry.

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Jan 18 2008 02:23 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful hobby collage!
Jan 18 2008 02:43 GMT suzannesmash
YEEES ICEHOCKEY...i knew it. Beautiful collage of yours....and of course I see some photographs there too..and yes SOCCER..not somekind of joke as football..LOL
Jan 18 2008 02:49 GMT aquiles PRO
GREAT COMBINATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 18 2008 03:28 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great presentation John!!
Jan 18 2008 04:28 GMT Hamin PRO
fantastic hobby collage !
Jan 18 2008 04:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
I agree with Bill, marvellous presentation
Jan 18 2008 06:15 GMT znacke
Amazing idea, i was wondering what is my favorite hobby, cause have one entry, and your idea to put everything you like in one picture is super....bravo...nice entry
Jan 18 2008 07:25 GMT marijke06
great entry.....this shows you!!!
Jan 18 2008 07:54 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good collage you have created !!
interresting my friend !!
Jan 18 2008 08:06 GMT sini
Nice hobby collage! Great entry!:)
Jan 18 2008 08:33 GMT senna3
Very nice work and a fantastic illustration of your many hobbies, great entry!
Jan 18 2008 08:38 GMT Elise

Also a man with million hobbies.....great work John! :)
Jan 18 2008 10:19 GMT yvon
nice collage!
Jan 18 2008 10:46 GMT Carlimauda
What a hobbies John....je hebt tijd te kort...LOL:)
Great collage
Jan 18 2008 11:02 GMT Lillianna
I thought you were scrap-booking at first....
Great work!
Jan 18 2008 11:38 GMT Doody PRO
Nice one John, I wish I had thought of that...
Jan 18 2008 12:29 GMT Milibuh
Great hobbies I agree !!
Jan 18 2008 13:41 GMT mariazinha32
great hobbies and collage
Wish you a wonderful weekend
Jan 18 2008 17:03 GMT iyerhari
Jan 18 2008 17:08 GMT TiaMaria
Wow!! Great collage of your hobbies!!
Jan 18 2008 17:18 GMT beus PRO
WOW!! GREAT entry!!!!
Jan 18 2008 17:41 GMT Squirrel PRO
Great hobbies and entry..................................
Jan 18 2008 18:06 GMT mariolina
W soccer!!! which soccer team do you support my friend???

have a great week-end! :)
Jan 18 2008 18:55 GMT Lensvision
Great entry John!
Jan 18 2008 19:32 GMT JPHarr
I like Diana Krall, too. When her voice on the radio catches me off guard, I always stop to listen.
Jan 18 2008 20:36 GMT backstreets PRO
An excellent job you have done here....you have become very skilful. !!
( i apologise for my lack of time lately.....cause i miss you , and all of our friends )

have a great weekend
Jan 18 2008 21:16 GMT Adamus
Wonderful entry.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Jan 18 2008 21:38 GMT SunnyRea
Great entry I like the camera and fotothing lol :)
Jan 18 2008 22:55 GMT dcz
great composition , nice one.
Jan 19 2008 01:13 GMT jenylew
Well, well, well, my friend. I knew we had similar music interests but I didn't know we were this alike!

Harry Connick JR and Wynton Marsalis and Barbara Streisand are definately in the top 10 for me. Nice work!

Ohhh, Billy Joel too, almost missed him up there! Excellent!

Have a great weekend!
Jan 19 2008 01:29 GMT peterpinhole
A great collection and presentation here John!! Nice work!
Hopefuly we'll have a chance to meet next week when your in Vancouver!
Have a great weekend and a pleasant trip!
Jan 19 2008 03:16 GMT fhelsing PRO
a very nice collage ... and where would the world be without music!

Jan 19 2008 06:02 GMT jett366
Nice entry! A perfect collage of your hobbies!
Jan 19 2008 09:39 GMT vladofly
Superb presentation of your hobbies, very interesting!
Jan 19 2008 10:51 GMT bluesky
Wow...you got it all..

I wonder how you manage your time...

Cool entry.
Jan 19 2008 11:23 GMT Bellavista
Great collage John!:-)) You have a lot of great hobbies!
Jan 19 2008 19:27 GMT Flier
lots of different hobbies! Good for you! :o)
Great entry!
Jan 19 2008 21:28 GMT gwen83
Wow, thats a GREAT entry. And you have so much hobby's, looking good:)))
Jan 19 2008 23:33 GMT bennystr
Excellent entry John, beautifully presented!
Jan 20 2008 02:11 GMT lumaciel
Your presentation is superb!
Jan 21 2008 16:20 GMT pauli3522
Jan 24 2008 03:47 GMT LisaSam67
very cool!