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My entry for "handsfriday",
Joyce and I together to the end of our days.
Taken in the hospital with a little Kodak camera.

Many of my FT friends know that Joyce has been ill for a long time. However, this week is a GREAT week.
Joyce was allergic to all known pain medications and was in pain 24/7 for the last 6-7 years. Even after surgeries she could not have pain medication.
This week she went into the hospital for a new desensitization program.
IT WORKED !!!!!!
She can now take something most of us take for granted. Although still allergic to many medications, she can now take Tylenol.
Her daily backache and headaches are being relieved:):):):)
She has been crying from happiness.
Our hands together signify a new "pain free" phase of our lifes.:):):):)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 01 2010 14:39 GMT peterpinhole
This is good news John! I'm glad to hear that her suffering can be relieved safely.
A warm and touching entry.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Apr 01 2010 14:39 GMT Littleollie
Good news for you both is good news to us all.

I'm sure the FT families best wishes are with you.

Great entry John; and the best to you and Joyce; Happy Easter from Aussie.
Apr 01 2010 14:39 GMT SaoPaulo
Oh! IM so happy for you two, John!
My best to Joyce! I hope that HAPPY DAYS!
have a wonderful TIME dear friend!
Apr 01 2010 14:44 GMT spideyj
Lovely story! Great image. Have a great Easter!!!
Apr 01 2010 14:56 GMT doramandragora
What a terrible ordeal for Joyce for such a long time... and finally relief has come. As a chronic pain sufferer for over 20 years now, I really know what it means to be able to get some quality sleep and to distance yourself from physical and mental agony. I'm really happy for you both and wish you strength and peace.
Apr 01 2010 15:00 GMT gafaway
hold on...
best wishes for a superb week-end
and better days ahead
Apr 01 2010 15:05 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Oh wow, how wonderful!! What a Happy Spring time for you and Joyce!!!
Apr 01 2010 16:00 GMT sayalio
So tender entry, dear John!!! Sweet Easter days for both of you!!!
Apr 01 2010 16:20 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
I love the softness and tenderness of this shot
Apr 01 2010 16:21 GMT lynnj04
That is such good news I could not imagine what she has been going through, such a brave lady send my best wishes to her xx
Such a lovely tribute photo and entry :-))
Apr 01 2010 16:28 GMT Annamaria
This is a great way to show how strong your love for eachother is!! Standing behind the one you love in difficult times!! Holding hands in heavy times....

Great to hear that Joyce's pain is relieved a bit due to new medication!!

That makes it possible to enjoy Easter Weekend even more!! Best wishes from me to the both of you!! ;-)
Apr 01 2010 16:48 GMT FRIESIAN
Great news for both of you Jomoud!!
Apr 01 2010 16:52 GMT Adamus
Lovely entry.
Apr 01 2010 17:06 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Congratulations to Joyce and you John!
I'm happy to for both of you with this good news!

So this is a realy good entry fot this weeks theme!
Apr 01 2010 17:17 GMT Lensvision
That is great news John!!!!
Lovely entry!
Apr 01 2010 17:20 GMT elsje323
good news John, and a beautiful entry that signifies a new pain free phase of your lifes
Apr 01 2010 17:23 GMT martini957
Praise God....so happy the new program worked...heart touching entry
Apr 01 2010 17:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wonderful news John
Apr 01 2010 17:47 GMT Doody PRO
That is fantastic news John, have a great easter,
Huge hugs from us both
Pete & Tina
Apr 01 2010 18:50 GMT senna3
A touching entry John.
Apr 01 2010 18:57 GMT Sheila PRO
Wonderful news, John. Our love to you both this Easter weekend.
Apr 01 2010 19:07 GMT Koren
Fabulous news John and a very touching entry, have a lovely Easter x
Apr 01 2010 19:34 GMT SomersetDreams
A touching and so tender shot my friend, i'm moved to tears with your story!
So happy to hear about Joyces good news, it must be awful seeing your loved one in constant pain and feeling completely helpless!
Hope you both have a wonderful Easter! :)
Apr 01 2010 19:56 GMT derkz
Wonderful news John and i hope it will continue.
Apr 01 2010 20:16 GMT sini
Wonderful news and hands entry!:)
Apr 01 2010 21:34 GMT hans55 PRO
a very lovely entry John !!
great news for Joyce !!!!
Apr 01 2010 22:53 GMT lunacrout
well - I don't really know what to say - just that I'm happy for you both & wish you a very happy Easter :))
Apr 02 2010 00:31 GMT Prikthai
I know the bad feeling. Congratulation tu here.
Apr 02 2010 00:55 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm so happy to hear such good news and very happy for you both!
This is a very special and touching entry!
Have a beautiufl weekend, my dear friend. :)
Apr 02 2010 01:28 GMT verarenm
Good news for you both! Great John!
A touching image!
Happy Easter for you!
Apr 02 2010 02:22 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm so glad that the program worked!
Apr 02 2010 02:38 GMT potterjo
Fantastic! Hope everything continues to be on the up for you two!
Apr 02 2010 02:39 GMT rainbow71
I am so glad things are starting to work out. A wonderful shot.
Happy easter to you and your family.
Apr 02 2010 02:57 GMT iyerhari
that's great and perfect entry!

Happy Easter to u and yr family!
Apr 02 2010 03:26 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT CLOSE-UP AND ENTRY::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::HAPPY EASTER
Apr 02 2010 04:20 GMT GraniteRoad
I am very happy to hear the good news John. May you and your wife have a very Blessed Easter. Don
Apr 02 2010 07:13 GMT sunrise99
very touching entry! Happy Easter John and Joyce!
Apr 02 2010 10:44 GMT Pam
What a beautiful story! Great entry
Apr 02 2010 10:45 GMT Papagena
What a beautiful Happy-end !! Now enjoy each second together !! ;o))
Apr 02 2010 10:59 GMT otilia
lovely entry`¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Apr 02 2010 12:01 GMT poshbird
So precious................................Have a wonderful Easter my friend. :-)
Apr 02 2010 12:47 GMT ashdad PRO
Touching entry!

Great news.
Apr 02 2010 16:33 GMT PaP67
may be, sometimes , the symbolic of the easterdays come true !
great news and my best wishes to you...joyeuses Pâques !
Apr 02 2010 18:10 GMT Pietje
Wonderful entry.......And good news John
Wish you all a Happy Easter
Apr 02 2010 18:18 GMT charlie26
Wonderful to hear John, and a lovely entry with all that information.
Apr 02 2010 18:44 GMT LizSA
I am so Happy for you and Joyce...!!

Have a wonderful easter weekend dear friends...:)
Apr 02 2010 18:51 GMT amyplim
A very tender entry ...
I'm glad Ms. Jomoud has improved. All the best for both.
Apr 03 2010 15:29 GMT Riet
I feel so happy for Joyce and for you! She is such a brave woman................
my thoughts are with you both.
Apr 04 2010 09:42 GMT Tavascarow
A beautiful image & one full of hope for those in pain.
Apr 04 2010 21:58 GMT megmet PRO
Wonderful news for you both, I'm so happy that Joyce will be pain free, I know what it will mean to you both!
Happy Easter. xx
Apr 05 2010 02:56 GMT MargNZ
What a Happy Easter it has been for Joyce and yourself John .. miracles do happen :)
Apr 05 2010 12:57 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Great news my friend. It's always a great day when things are looking for the better.