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We have waited a long time for this.
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Comments on this photo:

May 17 2013 15:30 GMT senna3
I am so happy for both of for this great news John!
May 17 2013 15:46 GMT Hanny50
Ohhhhhh thats nice, no more back fall i hope CONGRATULATIONS John, this must be a great relief for you and Joyce.
May 17 2013 16:58 GMT 25barb
My heart is filled with happiness knowing the long awaited day is now arriving.
The months were long, now let us hope the days will feel short.
I love the two photos superimposed on your note....it shows great dedication and love.
You both are blessed and may good health go forward.
Thank you for keeping everyone informed
My prayers will continue to follow you both and the family
May 17 2013 17:05 GMT Bellavista
Such a great news! :-))
May 17 2013 17:12 GMT elsje323
this is great news John
May 17 2013 17:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
keeping my fingers crossed ...... no more setbacks ...... home on the 24th!
May 17 2013 17:24 GMT Riet
Great! I am so happy for Joyce and you! She is a wonderful and strong woman!
May 17 2013 17:50 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Great news John, only one week, I guess you both can't wait!
May 17 2013 18:12 GMT Lie
Whooow great new2s, enjoy it !
May 17 2013 18:41 GMT frajmag PRO
The wait has been long. The pain has been strong.
The joy will be intense, and our hearts will be liter.
Looking forward to not paying for parking?
May 17 2013 18:43 GMT julie13
This is brilliant news, so happy for you both :)
May 17 2013 18:51 GMT gtc126
I am so glad and happy for you both. It will be like a breath of fresh air for you both.
Thanks be to Jesus for his love a care for you boht.
May 17 2013 20:16 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Terrific news John, Keep smileing everthing comes good eventually.!!!
May 17 2013 20:23 GMT teddybear2
I am so pleased to hear this news. My thoughts are with you both John and Joyce
May 17 2013 20:51 GMT Sheila PRO
Congratulations, John! Sending good wishes to you both.
May 17 2013 20:52 GMT Annamaria
YES! It finally will happen, John!! I am so glad for you all and especially for Joyce and you!! It will be such a great day to have her home again!! ;-))
May 17 2013 22:36 GMT mellie
What great news! I am so happy for you and your family, John.
May 18 2013 08:59 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic News for you both...Big kisses....xxxx
May 21 2013 07:22 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great news John - best wishes to you both!
May 22 2013 08:48 GMT superJoan
How wonderful John...Best wishes Joyce foe a happy home coming
May 22 2013 20:06 GMT annaschnitfink
What great news dear John!
Welcome home for brave Joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May God bless both of you and your family and may you enjoy each other's company in a homely atmosphere once more for a long, long time!
May 24 2013 01:33 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Today is the day John, best wishes to both you and Joyce and may her return home be full of joy !!!
May 25 2013 21:34 GMT pauli3522
what a nice surprise...finally joyce won the fight...fantastic..i am so so happy for you, for her and your family
May 27 2013 18:33 GMT annieann PRO
good to hear the news . thank god for you both