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A visit to the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba.

Some 130 million years ago, North America was divided in two sections by the Western Interior Seaway. The lowlands what is now known as Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the US Midwest were one big ocean full with ferocious creatures.

During the Mesozoic Era there were many magnificent reptile forms on the earth! Dinosaurs like Spinosaurus, Triceratops, and T. rex ruled the land while their contemporaries the flying reptiles and the marine reptiles ruled the air and sea, respectively. For example, the flying Pteranodon was not a dinosaur… it belongs to a group called the Flying Reptiles that co-existed with the dinosaurs. Here in Manitoba, we had marine reptiles which also so-existed with the dinosaurs. While Albertosaurus and Lambeosaurus were fighting on land, the seaway that covered Manitoba was ruled by the fearsome mosasaur Tylosaurus and the fish-eating plesiosaur Dolichorhynchops. This made the Cretaceous Sea over Manitoba one of the most dangerous seas of all time!
“Marine reptiles were not dinosaurs”

Diorama of a typical dig site.

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Dec 01 2009 21:26 GMT martini957
Interesting work for sure