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I froze my butt off to take this shot at night in temperature of -27C
Amazing what we do for Fun Friday:):)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 05 2010 01:47 GMT hans55 PRO
hahaha ...a very very nice lamppost entry !!!
Feb 05 2010 01:52 GMT verarenm
Oh poor! Thank you John for this! But I'm afraid of going into this cold and dark forest. Oh, brave you found the post! :-)))
Great and provocative entry!
Feb 05 2010 02:00 GMT MargNZ
You did well John ... never mind the cold it looks a bit scary to me !!
Feb 05 2010 02:06 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful lamppost! Perfect shining light on the snowy bench.
Feb 05 2010 02:21 GMT LizSA
yes... amazing .. FT is there to challenge us....:-)

beautiful entry and all that cold worth, John... great shot. it light up the trees
just beautiful... and then the deepness further along the path.. great effect.

Have a great weekend.
Feb 05 2010 03:03 GMT jett366
nice entry and capture!
Feb 05 2010 03:13 GMT Studio88
Lovely Winter Shot & Entry John ;-)
Feb 05 2010 03:46 GMT hbla PRO
brrrr! *blows nose* you captured cold here!
Feb 05 2010 04:39 GMT GraniteRoad
We all appreciate your dedication. Great shot of a cool night in the light.
Feb 05 2010 05:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
a beautiful image ... and I hope that you enjoyed a nice hot drink later!
Feb 05 2010 05:38 GMT sini
Great image and lamppost entry!:)
Feb 05 2010 07:24 GMT marijke06
cool cold lamppost entry:)
Feb 05 2010 07:56 GMT superJoan
John nice winter lamp
Feb 05 2010 07:58 GMT Annamaria
Great shot, John!! It really was brave to go into the cold, but it was worth it!!
Feb 05 2010 09:02 GMT barr
bench... 'itself'
Feb 05 2010 09:21 GMT Papagena
I agree completely with you John. FT induces us to do dangerous things !! I have learnt it again last week.......... :~(
Furthermore, I would not have the courage to go there alone in the night !!!
Feb 05 2010 09:44 GMT abojovna PRO
It´s difficult take a photo in this temperatue, nice lamp and light!
Feb 05 2010 10:40 GMT bandsix
hope your butt is now defrosted.....but it was worth it for us to see this shot!
Feb 05 2010 12:30 GMT martini957
LOL...well worth your time...awesome entry...wonderful light show.
Feb 05 2010 15:02 GMT PaP67
walking softly with freezing fingers, but you get it !
Feb 05 2010 16:07 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL NIGHT SHOT AND ENTRY::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Have a beautiful weekend too.
Feb 05 2010 16:37 GMT SomersetDreams
Lovely mood! :)
Feb 05 2010 17:07 GMT csabi
romantic place !
Feb 05 2010 18:42 GMT charlie26
But it is a nice entry. Well done!
Feb 05 2010 18:47 GMT Danijela
Beautiful entry, lovely color tones and soft light!:)
Feb 05 2010 18:52 GMT Pietje
Fantastic entry for this week`s theme.
I wish you a wonderful weekend...John.
Feb 05 2010 19:22 GMT Lensvision
Good one John!!!
Feb 05 2010 21:45 GMT gafaway
it is an excellent entry... a quiet night in a cold winter...
Feb 05 2010 22:56 GMT lynnj04
Wonderful entry, have a lovely weekend :-))
Feb 05 2010 23:12 GMT jamesrb PRO
Brrrave entry. :^)
Feb 06 2010 00:46 GMT details
just love this one!!!
Feb 06 2010 01:21 GMT megmet PRO
Very brave of you to go out in the cold, it shows true dedication to the cause!

Hope you and Joyce have a great weekend!
Feb 06 2010 01:23 GMT something
Many of us couldn't help but upload more than one, which means this theme is indeed one that aroses our "photographic sensibility". So why not form a club to gather all these terrific examples of urban furniture? Perhaps tagging "lamppostclub" ??? What do you all think?
Feb 06 2010 09:08 GMT Elise
lamppostbuttfriday hahaha

wonderful results my dear friend!!
a happy frozen butt weekend!!
Feb 06 2010 12:33 GMT ankoz
nice spooky photo there.. you don't wanna stroll around through that park alone at night I guess..

right now i'm in the Washington DC area, crazy snow here.... upto my knees in the snow :|
Feb 06 2010 17:12 GMT dougrun PRO
Nice entry, John!
Feb 06 2010 19:18 GMT charlie26
Nice entry for this theme.
Feb 06 2010 23:51 GMT CBLADE007
really nice entry for this week's theme