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Each year Santa (Jomoud) visits his "special friends".
They are a group of intellectually challenged persons, who have no inhibitions to showing their emotions.
Their joy and happiness of visiting Santa is readily visible.
(At the end of the visit, while in the backroom, Santa is usually very emotional and has teary eyes:) )
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 06 2007 20:04 GMT yvon
wonderful that you do that every year
Dec 06 2007 20:10 GMT LizSA
beautiful Jomoud.... I remember this Santa from December 2006...
where has the year gone...
beautiful emotional...Yes Santa Jomoud we must count our blessings....!!
Have a great weekend ... :) :)
Dec 06 2007 20:11 GMT abojovna PRO
haha, nice entry at theme emotions with Sant Nicholas Day!
Dec 06 2007 20:15 GMT bennystr
Simply fabulous John!
I'm excited to see this each and every year!
Dec 06 2007 20:17 GMT suzannesmash
What a wonderful tribute of you and yours...You have a heart of gold..
My younger brother is one of those "intellectually challenged persons" and
makes me very emotional, because I know close..how it is to live and live
with, people that are being different..And, he so loves christmas..
he wish everyday was christmas day...

Beautiful entry my dear John.
Dec 06 2007 20:24 GMT beus PRO
So good moment!!
Dec 06 2007 20:42 GMT SunnyRea
I love this, I remember from last year. You a a very kind hearted "Santa" :) Keep up the good work! Looks like your doing good. He looks soooooo happy :) God bless you
Dec 06 2007 20:51 GMT annaschnitfink
Another year gone, time flies by dear John.
I wish you and your wife, and the children and grandchildren all the best for the year to come and before that: really good and loving Christmas days!!!
Dec 06 2007 21:10 GMT jamby PRO
i can imagine how you get emotional John....perfect entry for this weeks theme and you too have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!
Dec 06 2007 21:15 GMT mariazinha32
great entry :-))
Dec 06 2007 21:19 GMT sini
Great emotion! Great entry!:)
Dec 06 2007 21:30 GMT Felixthecat
Great one :), greetings to Santa .... and have a great weekend!!
Dec 06 2007 21:39 GMT Carlimauda
beautiful emotionsfriday entry Jomoud..........
Dec 06 2007 22:15 GMT kimbob
John---that is so cool!!
Dec 06 2007 23:33 GMT LisaSam67
totally awesome! lovin' lawyers more and more every day ;-))))))
Dec 07 2007 00:19 GMT LisaSam67
oh and today on the radio was the first time i'd heard the term intellectually challenged
then i see it here.... is this new or am i just behind again? cause they keep referring to kenny's test results saying he's M.R. and i'm like YA right! whatever! that kid's so smart i think he manipulates them for his own pleasure haha
Dec 07 2007 00:42 GMT jceca PRO
i was waiting for your santa photos .... :-)
just great, john ... i really appreciate this work of yours ...

stunning choice for this theme !!!!!!!
Dec 07 2007 01:04 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Dec 07 2007 01:55 GMT jenylew
I am proud to call you my friend.
Delightful entry, most defininately emotional, but a wonderful, humbling emotion. :-) Cheers.
Dec 07 2007 03:05 GMT iyerhari
something great entry:))
Dec 07 2007 03:59 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm so proud of you, my dear friend!
What you did is great and very impressive.
The world needs more people like you!

Very impressive entry!

Have a beautiful weekend to you and your family. :)))
Dec 07 2007 04:16 GMT LisaSam67
HEHEHEHE this pic matches your story hahahahahahaha be sure to read the description
Dec 07 2007 04:19 GMT Midworlder PRO
Good work John, in more ways than one.
Dec 07 2007 04:38 GMT ashdad PRO
Fabulous entry (and service)!
Dec 07 2007 10:07 GMT Adamus
Beautiful entry.
Dec 07 2007 15:47 GMT Pietje
A wonderful entry John ......
Dec 07 2007 19:11 GMT pauli3522
Dec 08 2007 01:16 GMT megmet PRO
I remember your visit last year, I hope they all had a wonderful time again. :-))
Dec 08 2007 17:12 GMT gwen83
Lovely entry, have a great weekend to:)))