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My 2012 South Dakota Trip

Exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Halfway along the wildlife looproad we are forced to stop the Van by the "Begging Burros"

Begging burros refers to the donkeys in Custer State Park. For many years, these donkeys have earned this nickname as they approach various passing cars through the park begging for food. After earning this reputation, the burros have become famous now garnering the attention of most travelers through the park inside and outside of cars. The Begging Burros inhabit one area of the park upon a hill where approximately 50 of them try to obtain any food they can

They were very aggressive. They go right to your door, stick their face inside your window, and eat crackers out of your hand. They will sometimes block traffic if their demands aren’t being sufficiently met.

The burros aren't indigenous to the area, but were introduced in the 1920's by an entrepreneur who used them to carry tourists up Mt. Harney. When his venture failed in the 1930's, he just let the burros loose.
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