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I invite you to open this image in its orginal size, and have a good look.
Fotothingers have the power to spread kindness to others ALL OVER THE WORLD.
As of December 30, 2006 we Fotothingers are123,908 strong.
Let's each of us resolve to help at least one other less fortunate person in the New Year.

This image is in response to the follwing thread in the forum "New Theme":

Originally posted by backstreets:
all around us...its our choice , to see it....or to ignore it

Thank you for that reminder my dear friend.
Let us all start with ourselves. Resolve to open our individual eyes in the New Year.
As of this precise moment, December 30, 2006 at 13:55 CST Fotothing has 123,908 users worldwide.
That are you and I and you and you and you. Even if only half of the Fotothingers helps one person in 2007 we'll have made a difference for 61,954 individuals.
Almost SIXTY TWO THOUSAND people. And it is rather easy.
The solutions do not just lie with governments, we as individuals CAN make a difference.

I have been an FT member for quite while, and have seen some wonderful amazing acts of kindness to each other here. Maybe we can take it one step further.

To illustrate that we do have the capabilities of reaching so many, just have a look here and open the image in it's original size. It shows where WE are!!!!

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 30 2006 20:02 GMT bennystr
Great idea and so beautifully done!
Happy 2007!
Dec 30 2006 20:08 GMT LizSA
Fantastic photo....hmm.....help as in to carry that person the whole year...
or just help ocastionaly (spel)... or strectch out a helping hand now and
again....like the left hand would not know what the right hand is doing..!!
Happy new year dear Jomoud..for you and your family....!!!
Dec 30 2006 20:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is beautiful John!
Dec 30 2006 20:11 GMT backstreets PRO
Im with you....you are a good man !!
Dec 30 2006 20:32 GMT Seraphael PRO
Happy New Year John !!
Dec 30 2006 20:47 GMT Riet
A wonderful image.....help can be given in many ways....
Dec 30 2006 21:50 GMT jamby PRO
My best wishes to you too dear John for the coming year 2007!!! ...and as to your proposition...yes!!! I'm with you too as it takes one to initiate the idea and its takes many to make it a success!!! More Power to you John!!!
Dec 30 2006 23:19 GMT Bali
Fave!!!!!!This is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A wonderful year to you, too!!!!!!
Dec 31 2006 10:28 GMT Elise
All the best.....good health and happy new year sweeite!
Dec 31 2006 13:11 GMT bojtorjan
Dear John!

May we live in a world at peace and with the awareness of God's love in every
sunset, every flower's unfolding petals, every baby's smile, every lover's kiss
and every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous beat of our heart.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones dear Friend! :o)
Dec 31 2006 15:21 GMT Lensvision
A great thought John, Happy new year!
Dec 31 2006 16:29 GMT Rissan
Thank you.

to you and your family a great turn of the year and a happy, healthy and photographic 2007.
Dec 31 2006 16:42 GMT Lukesta
wishing you good health and happiness in 2007 jomoud :o)
Dec 31 2006 16:44 GMT megmet PRO
Can I just say that I have constantly found in my work as a community Support Visitor that sometimes the very best way to help someone is just to be there for them.
Open your heart and your ears and really listen, because put quite simply……no one ever hears the silent scream......

Happy New Year to all, and may your God walk with you!
Dec 31 2006 18:14 GMT hallo
Wonderful John...guten rutsch ins 2007
Dec 31 2006 22:36 GMT Aurelie444
Happy New Year for you!
Dec 31 2006 23:24 GMT Ini
Dec 31 2006 23:26 GMT phoebz
Have a happy and prosperous year 2007..!
Jan 01 2007 00:15 GMT iyerhari
I do justify!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Happy New Year!!!
Jan 01 2007 04:46 GMT wifey
A kind word and a splendid image from a good heart… YOURS!
Jan 01 2007 07:05 GMT marikanette
Wonderful!!!!Happy new Year!!!!
Jan 01 2007 13:07 GMT Rissan
Ik heb vanmorgen, 1 januari 2007, nog eens duidelijk gekeken naar je foto en het stuk erbij gelezen. ja als we dat voor elkaar krijgen kunnen we een mooie geste maken.

i took a close look to your picture again this morning, 1 January 2007 and read the accompanied text. If we all can do such a thing it would be a marvelous 2007. CHEERS.
Jan 01 2007 13:36 GMT Qualquer
beautiful and powerfull image
I wish you all the best for 2007
and lot's of happiness
Jan 01 2007 20:25 GMT Macfudge
Full size is SUPER! Thanks for the idea and foto. We WILL make a difference!
Jan 01 2007 22:05 GMT korni
Happy New Year to you!
Jan 02 2007 19:21 GMT gmastro
nice message and creative image!!! Happy New Year my Friend!!!
Jan 03 2007 10:40 GMT senna3
Beautiful New Years picture and wonderful words!
I too wish you a very Happy and Prosperous 2007.
Dec 28 2007 21:13 GMT yvon
I wish you a wonderful 2008 Have a nice evening
Wonderful words and pic.