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Winter has arrived in Winnipeg.
Although it is just the beginning of this cold season, I could not resist re-posting the wonders of living in Winnipeg below. :):):)

"Winnipeg Wonderland"

Aug 12 Moved to our new home in Winnipeg. It is so beautiful
here. The prairies are so vast, can hardly wait to see
the fields covered with snow. Love it here.

Oct 14 Winnipeg is the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves
are all turned different colours and shades of red and orange.
Went for a ride through the beautiful farmland and saw
some deer. They are so graceful, certainly the most
beautiful creature on earth. This must be paradise. I love it

Nov 11 Deer season starts soon. I can't imagine anyone wanting to
kill such a beautiful creature. Hope it will snow soon.

Dec 02 It snowed last night. Woke up to find the world blanketed in
white. It looks like a postcard. We went outside and
cleaned the snow off the steps and shovelled the
driveway. We had a snowball fight (I won) and when the
snowplow came by, we had to shovel the driveway
again. What a beautiful place. I love Winnipeg.

Dec 12 More snow last night. I love it, the snowplow did his
trick again to the driveway. I love it here.

Dec 19 More snow last night. Couldn't get out of the driveway to
get to work. I am exausted shovelling snow. F...ing snowplow.

Dec 22 More of that white shit fell last night. I've got
blisters on my hands from shovelling. I think that snowplow
hides around the curve and waits until I'm done shovelling the
driveway. Asshole!

Dec 25 Merry Friggin Christmas!! More friggen snow. If I ever
get my hands on that son of a bitch who drives that snowplow, I
swear I'll kill the bastard. Don't know why they don't use more
salt on the roads to melt the friggen snow.

Dec 27 More white shit last night. Been inside for 3 days,
except for shovelling out the driveway every time the snowplow
goes by. Can't go anywhere, car's stuck in a mountain of white
shit. The weatherman says to expect another 10" of the shit again
tonight. Do you know how many shovels full of snow 10" is?

Dec 28 The friggin weatherman was wrong. We got 34" of that
white shit this time. At this rate it won't melt before next
summer. The snowplow got stuck up the road and that jerk
came to the door and asked to borrow my shovel. After I told him
how I had broken six shovels already shovelling all the shit he
pushed into my driveway, I broke my last shovel over his f...ing

Jan 04 Finally got out of the house today. Went to the store to
get food and on my way back, a fucking deer ran out in front of
the car and I hit it. Did about $3,000 damage to the car. Those
fucking beasts should be killed. Wish the hunters had killed them
all last November.

May 03 Moved to California. I can't imagine anyone in their right
mind that would ever live in the God forsaken province of Manitoba
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 19 2010 20:49 GMT ashdad PRO
Impressive scene! Glad to hear you don't have that much yet. We had our first real snow on Nov 1. Didn't last long and we've had a few nice days since. Cold now, but not close to what is to come.
Nov 19 2010 20:58 GMT beady
Good capture
Nov 19 2010 21:16 GMT coocki
i love the snow too!!! great pic!!! very stunning!
Nov 19 2010 21:19 GMT hans55 PRO
great picture ..great story John !!! :-))
Nov 19 2010 21:23 GMT Adamus
Lovely winter view.
Nov 19 2010 21:30 GMT FLUMP
Nov 19 2010 21:40 GMT soldier
Really stunning capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 19 2010 22:03 GMT waterrat
Thank's for a good laugh it really cheered up my wife and i, hope California is o/k for you.
Nov 19 2010 22:26 GMT Icandoit
excellent images as usual
Thanks for sharing them.
Nov 19 2010 23:27 GMT megmet PRO
I remember this poem from the first time round.....it's still funny! :-)

Hope you don't get too much snow.....
It may get cold here, but at least the snow stays on the mountains. :-))