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Our 2007 Holiday
BEAR COUNTRY - Black Hills, South Dakota
(In this series, full size is recommended for the majority of photo's)

WOLF (Canus Lupus)
Wolves of the northern plains and prairies vary in color from the wolves of the Arctic. Many of the plains wolves are light grey with a pattern of darker markings on the back. Some are darker grey with shadings of buff on the sides, more likely to be seen on timber wolves living in the eastern part of the North American continent, and some are black. There have been a few rare wolves on the plains with blue-like coats.
Wolves hunt in packs of 6, but not more than 30, consisting of a few friendly families. They hunt by surprise and ambush, bringing down prey which may be deer, calves, wapitis, or occasionally a moose or elk. They also eat rodents, prairie dogs and rabbits. Hunting and habitat destruction have dwindled their food supply and have caused them to retreat further and further into northern Canada.
Wolves have a pack structure. There are many categories such as Alpha, Beta and Omega which denotes the animalís place in the structure. None are important except the Alpha. It is the Alpha female that manages the pack.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 20 2007 19:45 GMT Vargen
Wolf or Vargen.... Beautiful animal... ;-)