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I hope you have a wonderful day.
I hope that the coming year will be one with a lot less discomfort and pain.
Many of us will celebrate with you today, since to many of us you are the epitomy of what it means to be a Fotothing friend.!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2007 02:56 GMT Babybop
AWWWWWWWWw that was sweet Happy Birthday photopro:)
Mar 01 2007 02:58 GMT hans55 PRO
and ofcourse also a very happy birthday from me !!
Mar 01 2007 04:37 GMT DGM
The cake looks delicious!!
Mar 01 2007 05:02 GMT Wildspirit PRO
This was probably a nice surprise for you, Bill--enjoy!! Happy Birthday!!
Mar 01 2007 06:45 GMT PhotoPro PRO
John thank you so much! I have met some of my best friends anywhere here on Fotothing and am glad that you are one of them!
Mar 01 2007 06:49 GMT marijke06
congrats Bill.....thanks to John! :)
Mar 01 2007 07:34 GMT genese
Happy birthday bill ..... one year wiser and one year better!
lots of love genese xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mar 01 2007 10:28 GMT Pondy PRO
Happy Birthday Bill! Enjoy the tripod :)
Mar 01 2007 11:06 GMT moniqpl
Happy Birthday, PhotoPro:)) best wishes from sunny London :)
Mar 01 2007 12:06 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Happy B-day d*cklick... or wait... Gotta keep it G-rated... So I'll be moving back in time for your day... I'll be in Lambert at 1030pm on Friday... Better reply because I'll be staying the night there. Lick my B*lls.
Mar 01 2007 15:23 GMT Elly
Happy birthday Bill !
Mar 01 2007 16:12 GMT jceca PRO
happyyyyyy birthdayyyyyy !!!
could i get some cake now ??? please ..... :-))
Mar 01 2007 16:59 GMT jamby PRO
"Today as you celebrate your birthday...
May you look back over the years...
With joy and contentment
and look forward to a brighter and more fulfilling future..."

Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!

Mar 01 2007 17:03 GMT bennystr
Beautiful gift John.
Happy Birthday Bill!
Mar 01 2007 17:14 GMT megmet PRO
Very thoughtful of you John.
I join the others in saying... Happy Birthday Bill.
Mar 01 2007 17:53 GMT Lensvision
I love the card!!!
Mar 01 2007 18:01 GMT Anieteke
Happy Birthday Bill!
Mar 01 2007 18:28 GMT Mafernandes
Happy brithday!!!!
Mar 01 2007 21:01 GMT Seraphael PRO
Happy Birthday Bill !!
Mar 02 2007 08:36 GMT Poulet PRO
Sorry, I'm late, I can't be here on 1st March......:((
Thanks for this very lovely card, John.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Dear Bill !!! :))
Mar 02 2007 17:24 GMT Grimacher PRO
Happy Birthday Bill. Sorry I wasn't here on the 1st March too. Hope it was a good one x
Mar 02 2007 23:39 GMT Milibuh
Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 03 2007 10:57 GMT cleftref PRO
A belated Penblwydd Hapus to you Bill!
Mar 03 2007 20:57 GMT LizSA
Hi....did I miss this beautiful birthday card....sorry friends....
Happy birthday....PhotoPro....OOOPPPPssss!!!