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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2013 03:25 GMT potterjo
I am so sorry, hoping for the best.
Jan 13 2013 05:19 GMT julie13
Sorry to hear this, give Joyce my best wishes. Hopefully this setback will be the last and her health improves enough to come home. Fingers crossed :)
Jan 13 2013 05:44 GMT MargNZ
Positive thoughts and love to Joyce and yourself John .
Jan 13 2013 07:30 GMT 25barb
My prayers and thoughts are with you both...As Marg said keep positive thoughts and always look upward.
Jan 13 2013 09:15 GMT Lie
I'm so sorry for Joyce and for you, keep up hope is all I can say, because I have no words to comfort you...
Jan 13 2013 09:24 GMT hans55 PRO
very sorry to hear this ... strenght for you both ...our thoughts are with you !!
Jan 13 2013 09:50 GMT elsje323
sorry to hear this but keep up hope
Jan 13 2013 10:08 GMT abojovna PRO
My prayers for Joyce dear friend John!
Jan 13 2013 10:58 GMT Riet
A very sad desillusion, John................all the time I followed your tidings I hoped there would be recovery and Joyce would slowly get better.
This is a step back again.......but she is in good care and never give up hope.
This is a very rough time for both of you and you will need al the strength that is left, also for yourself.
Take care to take a rest for yourself now and then.
Isn't there any specialist in Canada who has more experience with patients like Joyce?
Jan 13 2013 11:49 GMT Papagena
I can only join the wishes expressed by the other friends !! I keep my fingers crossed for Joyce and you, John !!
Jan 13 2013 14:51 GMT yvonNL
sorry for this...... never give up hope !
Jan 13 2013 15:24 GMT Elly
I'm so sorry for you. I hope tomorrow there will be some improvement.
You are in my thoughts.
Jan 13 2013 19:33 GMT martini957
Bless her heart....you're both in my prayers....so praying all will be well soon and Joyce can be released from the hospital
Jan 14 2013 01:03 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm sorry to hear this news. Best wishes ......
Jan 14 2013 20:34 GMT Wildspirit PRO
My wife and I are praying for Joyce. Every prayer counts, and we hope that the outcome is a happy one. Don't give up. My wife has died twice since 2001 and has miraculously recovered, now works for Hilton Worldwide for the past 7 years.
Jan 14 2013 20:44 GMT Annamaria
Keep the Faith, John! We all are thinking about Joyce and you and praying for her to get a bit better every day!!
Jan 15 2013 07:47 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
All the best to you both - you are in my thoughts.
Jan 16 2013 00:07 GMT PhotoPro PRO
All of us here continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You and Joyce are listed in prayer concerns at church, so there is another +/- 400 people also praying for you two.
Jan 16 2013 20:10 GMT superJoan
Joyce is in the best place until she is feeling better.. Thinking of you and praying that you can soon relate good news to us all...
Jan 19 2013 22:08 GMT Jolie1981
All the best for her and you, both of you are in my thoughts.