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Comments on this photo:

Dec 28 2012 23:06 GMT pauli3522
what a sad situation my friend...so so sad..specially for all the other conditions that you wife has and it makes more difficult to get better...i mean...other medicines can help her to feel better...it seems that this fight will be for long time....and very painful....
i really so sosorry to hear this news..i only hope that you can stay by her side all the time..i am sure that joyce will be better if she receives love and your care....
joyce is a hero now....
Dec 28 2012 23:21 GMT abojovna PRO
Dear friend John, Pauli knows very good situation, as she said, treatment is
difficult and long. I believe that Joyce find the strength , overcomes illness and will go home in the New Year. I wish to you many courage! With Love! to Joyce!
Dec 29 2012 01:29 GMT fhelsing PRO
Take care, both of you!
Dec 29 2012 01:43 GMT potterjo
Wishing the best for you and Joyce!
Dec 29 2012 02:22 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Prayers, thoughts and love continue.
Dec 29 2012 03:52 GMT janos
Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2013! :)
Dec 29 2012 04:06 GMT rainbow71
My prayers are with you and Joyce.
Dec 29 2012 07:51 GMT senna3
John, I am impressed by the fighters mentality of both of you.
Dec 29 2012 10:20 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
So sorry to see what poor Joyce is going through, and I can only marvel at her courage.
Dec 29 2012 10:29 GMT Ada90
Hope she will get better soon.
Dec 29 2012 10:43 GMT StavrosMoforis
So sad, really... I sincerely wish for poor soul Joyce a fast recovery.
And a Healthy and Happy New Year.
Dec 29 2012 10:50 GMT Riet
Like senna3 I am deeply impressed..............Joyce is a fighter......I hope she'll win............................
Dec 29 2012 11:08 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Dear John, my thoughts are with both you and Joyce.
Dec 29 2012 11:50 GMT hans55 PRO
our thoughts are with you and Joyce ...best wishes and strenght for you both !!
Dec 29 2012 13:44 GMT annieann PRO
so sorry to hear this john . thinking of you and wishing all the best for you both . god will help her through i am sure . she seems a very strong lady ....
Dec 29 2012 18:20 GMT yvonNL
My thoughts are with both you and Joyce.Hope there is positive news in 2013.
Dec 29 2012 18:42 GMT Midworlder PRO
Kia kaha guys . Looking forward to a brighter 2013
Dec 29 2012 18:47 GMT elsje323
John my thoughts are with both of you
Dec 29 2012 19:46 GMT Lie
I don't know what to write to you in this dificult situation.............

Wishing Joyce and you all the best for 2013.....and keep up...
Dec 29 2012 21:08 GMT Papagena
Indeed words are rather difficult to find. But my thoughts remain still with Joyce and you, John !!
Dec 30 2012 13:33 GMT jamers
Jomoud & especially Joyce, take care in this difficult period.
Dec 30 2012 15:05 GMT saffi9
keep strong
Dec 31 2012 10:47 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Just to let you know that both you and Joyce remain in my thoughts
Dec 31 2012 16:33 GMT Annamaria
Joyce is a very strong lady! Very determined to stay longer at your side, John!! You both are strong.... keep on the good faith and trust in her getting better soon!! I will think of you both!!