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All during the year I volunteer in a program that promotes acceptance for intellectual disadvantaged people. It ranges the gamut from organizing outdoor activities, including the "special olympics" to taking them to a concert, movie or play.
Each Christmas I am Santa Claus who visits a number of these groups, and celebrates the joy of the season with them..
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 16 2010 22:28 GMT Sheila PRO
Wonderful role for you, John!
Dec 16 2010 22:44 GMT junne PRO
a moving deed, i have often wondered how difficult it must be for mentally disadvantaged people to deal with the world, when it is even very challenging for the "normal" minds
Dec 16 2010 22:45 GMT megmet PRO
A terrific cause to support John.....
Dec 16 2010 22:47 GMT hans55 PRO
a great my cause entry John !!!! :-)
Dec 16 2010 23:02 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Dec 16 2010 23:02 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Good on you John - well done!
Dec 16 2010 23:21 GMT lunacrout
A great cause - and, I'm sure, very rewarding for you !!
Dec 16 2010 23:33 GMT Donjames
John you are a star....fabulous work you do. I should get my xyz into gear and do something to !!!
Dec 17 2010 00:26 GMT linnywv PRO
You have a warm soul my friend!
Dec 17 2010 01:57 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a picture of happiness!
Dec 17 2010 02:26 GMT verarenm
The image says everything. Fantastic work an entry John!
Dec 17 2010 02:38 GMT rainbow71
A wonderful cause, one close to me as well.
Dec 17 2010 03:59 GMT GraniteRoad
Fantastic and thank you for sharing your gift with us.
Dec 17 2010 04:55 GMT martini957
Delightful picture & awesome cause
Dec 17 2010 05:31 GMT Pea2007
Thats a good cause and entry...well done John.
Dec 17 2010 06:38 GMT DGM
Wow! You two look great
Dec 17 2010 07:05 GMT sini
Great cause and entry!:)
Dec 17 2010 10:10 GMT sunrise99
I am delighted your entry, John! You have a good heart!
Dec 17 2010 10:39 GMT Annamaria
Great cause, John!! Very good!!
Dec 17 2010 11:36 GMT marijke06
great job!
Dec 17 2010 12:05 GMT Papagena
Fantastic way to help these persons giving a moment of happiness John !!
Dec 17 2010 14:28 GMT will
What you are doing is wonderful, jomoud. There is no better gift...Merry Christmas and happist new year with love to you and your family..:)
Dec 17 2010 14:35 GMT Littleollie
A great cause to be involved in John. It must generate much satisfaction for you. Compliments of the season to you and your Family.
Dec 17 2010 18:16 GMT bandsix
A lovely picture and a great cause....!
Dec 17 2010 19:31 GMT LizSA
I remember from previous years about you doing the Christmas Father for these special people John... thank you... the world is in great need for people that
have golden hearts. thank you, see how special this is to them.. big and small,
it is a special time of the year...!!!!!!
Dec 17 2010 22:08 GMT Adamus
Beautiful view.
Dec 17 2010 22:36 GMT FLUMP
i agree with everyone else...it is a wonderful thing you do. We certainly need people like you :) great cause entry
Dec 18 2010 01:49 GMT potterjo
Happiness for both of you!
Dec 18 2010 09:44 GMT Elise
You're an Angel Santa :)
Dec 18 2010 14:17 GMT superJoan
'Good on you' John great cause
Dec 18 2010 15:05 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Good work John, for X-mas and the rest of the year!
Dec 19 2010 00:54 GMT peterpinhole
Great entry John ...wonderful work and you make a good Santa!
Dec 23 2010 17:45 GMT elsje323
great cause and entry