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A not uncommon breakfast for me during the week.
On the way in to the office, I use the drive-through at McDonalds and order an egg-sausage-cheese McMuffin meal that includes the potato patty and a coffee. Usually, this is consumed at my desk.
Healthy???....no friggin way, but it is fast:):):)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 19 2010 15:22 GMT pauli3522
Feb 19 2010 15:24 GMT martini957
Good choice....is very good : ))
Feb 19 2010 15:37 GMT derkz
I think you 'll reach noen.

nice found.
Feb 19 2010 15:43 GMT sayalio
Very strong entry! :-) Hope at weekend You'll have something else, dear Friend!... ;-))
Feb 19 2010 15:49 GMT iyerhari
great theme entry, but i prefer home food:)
Feb 19 2010 15:51 GMT Papagena
Funny entry !! Nevertheless give attention to be still able to get into the bobsled !! :-)

Have a wonderful Olympic weekend John !!
Feb 19 2010 16:23 GMT Annamaria
Nothing wrong about that, John! But not for every day ;-)
Have a great weekend!
Feb 19 2010 16:52 GMT Elise
I think I will give mrs jomoud a telephone call to have a little talk !! :))
Feb 19 2010 17:03 GMT yvon
Hier kun je met goed fatsoen niet meer hardop zeggen dat je een Mc Donald ontbijtje wel lekker vindt!!!!
Feb 19 2010 17:13 GMT janos
Looks great! : ))
Feb 19 2010 17:14 GMT sini
Fast, but my stomach would'n't like it!:)
Feb 19 2010 17:17 GMT jomoud PRO
yvon, Ik zei niet dat ik het lekker vond:)
Ik zei dat het vlug was, als je haast hebt in de ochtend.:):):)
Hier word er ook niet meer hardop gezegd dat je het lekker vind, maar
het is altijd druk..en het geeft niet waar je woont:)
Dus zijn er een hoop mensen die een ding zeggen en een ander doen.:):):)
anders zou McD niet meer bestaan.
Hetzelfde geld voor een lading andere "fast food" restauranten.
Feb 19 2010 17:18 GMT LizSA

very brave to post your breakfast on international internet. John..
Laugh eat and be happy, Have a wonderful weekend..
wish you some sunshine
and a spring in your step...:-)
Feb 19 2010 17:29 GMT styxpix
Good job our nearest Mc D's is 25mls away...no temptation nearer than that.
I hope you go for a good long walk to burn it off???
Feb 19 2010 18:10 GMT Lensvision
Feb 19 2010 18:31 GMT Ciekee
Oef....heavy stuff! :)
Feb 19 2010 19:03 GMT Foggydew
naughty but nice food :)
Feb 19 2010 19:30 GMT BobdeGroot
Looks yummie. I get hungry :-)
Feb 19 2010 20:29 GMT teddybear2
My sort of unhealthy breakfast, I thought it interesting as in New Zealand we call the potato a hash brown. Would be interesting to see what others around the world call them
Feb 19 2010 20:45 GMT jomoud PRO
Normally we call that type of potato also "hash brown .
As a matter of fact I had never relaized the difference with the patties until you mentioned it.
When we buy it in the store for use at home we buy Hash Browns as well.:):)
Feb 19 2010 21:07 GMT verarenm
Very practical ... I like, but rarely eat! Beautiful shot and entry!
Feb 19 2010 21:22 GMT Dorado
Pleasant and interesting to you Weekend!

All the best.

Feb 19 2010 21:41 GMT gafaway
breakfast of champions!
Feb 19 2010 22:52 GMT MargNZ
You have been caught out by your own photo John ... love it and your breakfast :))
Feb 19 2010 22:53 GMT marijke06
not for me this heavy breakfast....too much taste and too heavy :)
nice image
Feb 19 2010 23:50 GMT Poulet PRO
OMG! You are killing me with this!
I'd love to join! LOL

Have a great weekend, my dear friend. :))
Feb 20 2010 00:11 GMT Prikthai
Enjoy your meal ---- I go eat a real breakfast!!!!
Feb 20 2010 07:07 GMT csabi
great entry ! THX !
have agreat weekend !
Feb 20 2010 14:23 GMT PaP67
with a McDO excess weight can bring a good bobsleigh race, indeed !
Feb 20 2010 14:46 GMT soldier
Stunning and tasty entry my friend!
Feb 20 2010 15:12 GMT hans55 PRO
a great entry John ..i have no time to comment you this week ...and your right Best Western are good hotels !!
Feb 20 2010 15:44 GMT aquiles PRO
GREAT PIC !!!!!!!
Feb 20 2010 16:45 GMT elsje323
nice entry but a heavy breakfast
Feb 20 2010 19:53 GMT lynnj04
Mmmm very nice we call the patty a hash brown there my fave :-))
Feb 21 2010 12:22 GMT Jolie1981
If I would eat something like that for breakfast, my stomach will be upset for the rest of the day. I have to eat a healthy breakfast as a start of the day...

I wouldn't mind having this for lunch btw! =)))
Feb 22 2010 08:54 GMT Koren
Great breakfast - healthy or not I love a sausge & egg McMuffin - thankfully for my waistline there isn't a McDonalds on the route I take to work!!