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UTRECHT - The Netherlands

DOMTOREN (The Dom Tower)

The current version of the cathedral has been in use for church services since 1382.

History of the Domtoren
In 750, Willibrord, the city�s patron saint, founded the Maartenskerk, which became Utrecht�s main church. In 929 bishop Balderik rebuilt the church as a cathedral on the site of the Domkerk. It became known as Balderik�s cathedral. In 1017, a fire seriously damaged the church, which was then restored in the popular Romanesque style. Bishop Balderik dedicated the church to St. Maarten. From then on, the church was known as the Domkerk.
In 1253, another fire broke out. The restoration led to the addition of a new doorway in 1308. In 1320, the old tower was demolished to make way for a new but controversial construction. The new tower was said to be too tall, too expensive and all but aesthetic. Nevertheless, the construction was carried through. At the same time a staircase was built on the south wall, leading to the 12.5m high chapel. The chapel was connected to the church by an ariel corridor enabling the bishop access to the church without having to leave the building.
In 1382, the tower was completed. At completion, its height was 106.75 meters, making it the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. Despite a financial crisis in 1505, work began on the belfry which should house a clock with 13 chimes for which 30,000 kilograms of bronze was required. The population was enraged, resulting in the iconoclasm of 1566.
In 1664, the carillon was installed with a mechanism consisting of 35 chimes. In 1674, the Domtoren was separated from the church during a fierce tornado. The tower and the church were never reconnected. In 1836, a storm seriously damaged the top floor of the tower. Demolition of the structure was seriously discussed but it was eventually restored. This restoration lasted five years. During the restorations of 1901 and 1932, the height of the tower increased to 112.5 meters, making it again the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.
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May 04 2012 21:24 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful image John would be some view from the top.
May 04 2012 21:55 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic shot John...:-))
Have a great weekend.
Greetings to Joyce...:-))
May 04 2012 22:24 GMT bandsix
Lovely shot John! Have a great weekend....
May 04 2012 22:37 GMT 25barb
Wonderful angle taken...Great details and lighting...
Your notes are always so informative. thank you for the time and effort to post them
Superb capture
May 04 2012 23:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very imposing structure
May 05 2012 02:21 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Love the angle John. Great shot !!!
May 05 2012 02:31 GMT fhelsing PRO
that's grand!
May 05 2012 05:16 GMT sini
Great shot!:)
May 05 2012 07:51 GMT Pea2007
Great church entry John.
May 05 2012 13:10 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Excellent entry John :-)
May 05 2012 17:45 GMT elsje323
beautiful shot of the Dom John
May 06 2012 07:46 GMT TinaRTiller
Great entry!! And so much information as well - loving it! :-)
May 06 2012 11:25 GMT Petermosull
Very beautiful entry John
May 07 2012 10:22 GMT Annamaria
Great shot, John! I didn't know there is a "churchsunday"...;-)