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My entry for Red Friday

you too can have fun with our weekly theme: http://www.fotothing.com/tag_search.php?q=redfriday

Lobsterfest at Jomoud's

is there any nicer red??????
Just cooked, steam rising of them:)

Original size recommended:):)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 08 2006 00:42 GMT Poulet PRO
VERY tempting entry !!...................Yummmmmmmmmmmm...........
Great shot, John !!
Have a beautiful weekend to you and your family. :))
Dec 08 2006 01:09 GMT sweetkate77
Hmmm...!! Looks deliciously red to me Jomoud! :)
Dec 08 2006 01:24 GMT Kire403
nyum nyum nyum.. I need to go out and cook lobsters too.. hahahah

you make me starving with this... hahahah HOWEVER.. you need this thing: pls take look with mine: http://www.fotothing.com/Kire403/photo/a0d0ce82f943a059922a2de0819ac333/
Dec 08 2006 04:09 GMT elbeaver
lol are these plastic :p
Dec 08 2006 04:11 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice series and so much red food .. and his is a favourite food of mine
Dec 08 2006 05:43 GMT sini
Great red entry!
Dec 08 2006 10:24 GMT nzshutter PRO
Send mine to this address................... Beautiful entry!! I bet they didn't stay on the plate for long. :)
Dec 08 2006 10:34 GMT Pasifae
Very very very good entry!!! :))
Dec 08 2006 11:20 GMT Riet
A red lobster is a dead lobster .....
Great entry!
Dec 08 2006 12:26 GMT graceSworld
let's make a deal...barter this one lobster to one of my ice cream,ok? :-)
Dec 08 2006 12:56 GMT LizSA
A dead lobster..thx Riet,,,cool redfriday entry!!
Dec 08 2006 13:04 GMT junsjazz
red feast! yum yum
Dec 08 2006 15:46 GMT jomoud PRO
Riet and LizSA:
indeed a red lobster is a dead lobster:)
as a cleaned herring is a dead herring
and a steak is a dead cow.
Sorry ladies, but my family and I enjoyed the lobster feast.:):):)
Dec 08 2006 17:34 GMT jamby PRO
John...you know what disappoints me when i viewed it in original? aaaarrrggghhh....i can't take it away from my monitor screen ....:((((
a real mouth-watering entry!!! simply the best and expensive one for sure!!!
Dec 08 2006 20:07 GMT litz
Oh my...John... you make me hungry again...!!
red ... red...and uppps be carefull don't touch it's hot red!!!!
Excellent photo entry!!!
Dec 08 2006 20:38 GMT LizSA
OOhhhh John.......enjoy your lobster....it is food on the table......
we had oxtail tonight......what is the difference....!!!
enjoy your weekend...!!!
Dec 08 2006 23:27 GMT grumpyoldtrout
ARGHHHH It's 11:30 pm and you are making me hungry!!! lol

Superb red shot. :-)
Dec 09 2006 07:33 GMT phoebz
yummy yummy jomoud...
you hit my weakness...LOVE IT!!!!
Superb red and very inviting pic!
Dec 11 2006 22:38 GMT xevirbs
Really red. Tasteful.