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Comments on this photo:

Mar 11 2013 15:30 GMT martini957
Oh my...such an emotional roller coaster for you and your precious wife...my heart goes out to you both....so praying for recovery and homecoming but wondering just how much more can her body take, but with God ALL things ARE possible!....God bless her
Mar 11 2013 15:50 GMT hans55 PRO
no good news after the good news from last week ...lots she has to go trough ..in our thoughts we are with you both !!
Mar 11 2013 16:08 GMT 25barb
You know that so many are praying for you both, as well as for your family, and they will continue..I pray that she will continue to improve and that she will gain strength each and every day..May God grant you all strength. Continue believing...and faith
will guide you through each day...
My best to you...
Mar 11 2013 16:34 GMT fotoloekb PRO
And always ups and domns again.
I wish both of you stength with the downs and be a little happy with the ups!
Mar 11 2013 16:39 GMT Riet
I have no words, John, this is such a disappointment.............
like all your friends here my thoughts are with Joyce and with you.
I wish both of you a lot of strength. It's almost inhuman what happens to Joyce.
My love and symphaty..........
Mar 11 2013 18:45 GMT elsje323
I agree with Riet
Mar 11 2013 20:08 GMT Annamaria
Such a hard period in your lives, John!! I hope Joyce will feel a bit better every day now....
Mar 11 2013 20:33 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear John: I for sure will join in your prayers for Joyce's recovery!!!
Don't lose hope, dear friend.
Mar 11 2013 20:43 GMT mellie
We are all with you John in our prayers, support and caring for Joyce.
Mar 11 2013 22:08 GMT wijnie58
I agree with everyone, John...Give my loves to Joyce...and great hughs for you John...:-))
Mar 11 2013 23:52 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm so sorry to hear this news, and I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow ......
Mar 12 2013 07:30 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
You are both very much in my thoughts John.
Mar 12 2013 08:07 GMT teddybear2
My thoughts are with you and your family
Mar 13 2013 10:06 GMT Hanny50
My thoughts are also with you, I hope Joyce will feel a bit better tomorrow.
Mar 13 2013 10:54 GMT Papagena
Riet has expressed better than I could !! I keep my fingers crossed for Joyce and you, John !!
Mar 13 2013 20:37 GMT yvonNL
My thoughts are with you and your family
Mar 16 2013 03:30 GMT gtc126
Sometimes it seems just to much to handle, 1 Cor 10:13. Just remember GOD is faithful, And there is not anything he cannot do. But His will sometimes is different from ours. I will indeed keep on praying for you both. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Mar 16 2013 16:39 GMT pauli3522
so sorry dear friend...it seems that joyce will be some days at the hospital, her conditions is very delicate......and damage on her lungs is not a good ...and the blood plessure low is very bad too....i hope drs can give her all the support that she needs to win this fight..so sad ..my friend..be strong..and keep your faith
Mar 17 2013 14:26 GMT Studio88
Our Prayers are with You John...
Mar 18 2013 06:12 GMT legs4daze PRO
xxxooo to you both
Mar 20 2013 21:49 GMT Sheila PRO
What can I say? Sending you a hug.
Mar 21 2013 21:10 GMT Snappa
I feel for you, and wish you well.