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While on a little country drive with Mrs. Jomoud this past Sunday I came upon a road barricade. I soon learned that a light plane had crashed about 50 metres from where my car was stopped. Of course, I grabbed my camera to take some shots, even though I could not get to close to the scene.

Below is the newspaper report of the crash:

Retired Winnipeg surgeon Tom Goodhand is lucky to be alive today after his homebuilt ultra-light plane crashed into a tree and got entangled in a power line.
And though he’s grateful, the veteran pilot who survived the close call is more embarrassed than rattled at the accident, which left him suspended upside-down 10 metres from the ground for nearly two hours.
"There's no scratches, no scrapes, no broken bones, no anything," RCMP Const.Allan Pasquini said of the 82-year-old pilot in the black leather jacket and ball cap, who was able to stroll to the waiting ambulance after the delicate rescue operation.
"He appears to be in good shape. He is embarrassed, that's about it."
Goodhand concurred.
"I felt like a squirrel in a hole up there," he explained an hour after the incident.
Goodhand, who has been a pilot for more than 40 years, said he was coming in on his final approach to the landing strip shortly after 11 a.m. when he suddenly lost power, and realized he wasn't going to reach the field.
His aircraft is an experimental homebuilt plane, registered as a basic ultra-light.
It clipped a guy-wire running below the hydro lines and became snarled in the branches of a tree. As luck would have it, RCMP say the guy-wire, running about two metres below the power-lines, helped hold the ultra-light in place against the tree below it.
"He was trying to avoid the powerline and he went straight into the tree," said Alexa Chobotar, who was walking her dog when she heard the plane coming in low.
As Goodhand hung by his shoulder harness in the crumpled ultra-light, firefighters began a complicated extrication that first involved securing the aircraft to the tree.
While firefighters stood by with hoses in hand in case the leaking fuel ignited, a backhoe and cherry picker were brought in to finish off the rescue.
Three fire trucks, two ambulances, a crowd of curious neighbours and a wide variety of emergency officials were on hand to watch as the chagrined Goodhand finally emerged from the wreckage and was lowered to the ground aboard the cherry picker’s platform.
“I really just wanted to climb down the ladder,” Goodhand said. “But they wanted to secure the plane first, to make sure it didn’t fall.”

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2008 19:18 GMT marijke06
special rescue operation.....nice series of that moment
Oct 22 2008 19:19 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Nice to see the pilot was okay. Quite exciting, I'm sure.
Oct 23 2008 03:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm glad he's OK!
Oct 23 2008 08:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Well taken, dear friend! Thank you for sharing, our two pilots had not this a good lucky, they died both in ultraleight in this weekend, unfortunately!
Oct 23 2008 16:19 GMT LisaSam67
LOL poor guy! thank goodness the story ended like that though.
and kudos to him still enjoying life at his age!