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The day of Joyce's coming home is getting closer and closer.
However, currently she is still in the hospital.
May 4 is her birthday, therefore time to celebrate:):):)

Very soon she'll be home after 5 months in the hospital:):)
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Comments on this photo:

May 04 2013 01:57 GMT julie13
Happy birthday Joyce X X :)
May 04 2013 02:10 GMT martini957
Great to see you...Happy Birthday...keep clicking your ruby red slippers and soon you will be home : ))
May 04 2013 02:19 GMT fhelsing PRO
I hope so too!

In the meantime, happy birthday!
May 04 2013 02:52 GMT hallo
All the best and get well soon..
May 04 2013 02:57 GMT mellie
Happy Birthday, Joyce!
May 04 2013 03:27 GMT junne PRO
happy birthday and speedy recovery !
gunter, china
May 04 2013 05:14 GMT 25barb
What a great and wonderful feeling came over me seeing this beautiful smile
So happy she is celebrating her birthday and the anticipation of going home.'
Love the sunglasses.

What a homecoming that will be.
My thoughts and prayers will continue
Happy Birthday Joyce.
May 04 2013 06:08 GMT saffi9
happy birthday joyce , loving the specs :)
May 04 2013 06:45 GMT Annamaria
A beautiful Birthday smile from a very strong lady!! Happy Birthday to you Joyce!! I hope you will have a nice day and can pack to go home very soon!! ;-)) Congratulations to you and the family too, John!! ;-))
May 04 2013 07:17 GMT bandsix
Happy birthday to Joyce.....lovely photo of a brave lady......
May 04 2013 09:05 GMT teddybear2
Happy birthday Joyce I pray for the day she is home with you again.
May 04 2013 09:48 GMT MargNZ
Happy Birthday Joyce .... lovely to see you dressed up to enjoy your special day.
Love the glasses :)
May 04 2013 13:46 GMT elsje323
happy birthday Joyce and I hope you will come home soon
May 04 2013 14:37 GMT Riet
So good to see you! Happy Birthday, Joyce! You're such a courageous woman!
My thoughts are also with your family....
John, I hope the both of you will soon be together at home and Joyce and you will get the care you both need.
Hugs XX
May 04 2013 17:11 GMT pauli3522
hola joyce...i am so happy to meet you....and happy to know that you will be celebrating your birthday soon...it is great ...have a wonderful celebration and i hope to see you soon at home....you must be proud of your husband and family....enjoy your life .......
May 04 2013 19:55 GMT Papagena
The best news since many weeks indeed !! I still keep my fingers crossed for her soon coming home John !!

Happy, very happy Birthday, Joyce !! I like your outlook a lot too !! ;o)
May 05 2013 16:52 GMT hans55 PRO
a very Happy Birthday Joyce !!!! :-)
May 05 2013 17:30 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Happy birthday Joyce and John too.
Hope you're soon together at home again!
May 06 2013 01:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It's great to see that Joyce can still have a smile even after all she has had to deal with. Have a good one Joyce !!!!
May 06 2013 07:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Happy Birthday Joyce!

Wishing you all the best.
May 06 2013 10:19 GMT cillia

Wow is beautiful keep it up can you please email me i have something important to tell you hoop you understand what i mean is for privet
hope to hear from you soon..
May 06 2013 14:38 GMT wijnie58
Happ Birthday Joyce..:-))
Wishing you all the best..:-))
May 07 2013 13:40 GMT Milibuh
All the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 08 2013 19:35 GMT annaschnitfink
A very happy birthday dear Joyce. Hope you will be home soon now.
All the best for you and John from Holland. Anna.
May 09 2013 17:48 GMT senna3
Great news, I am glad for both of you, Happy Birthday Joyce!
May 13 2013 14:24 GMT annieann PRO
excellent , happy birthday joyce xx
May 14 2013 09:30 GMT mariazinha32
HAPPY BITHDAY Joyce!! All the best !!!
May 17 2013 18:53 GMT gtc126
HappyBirthday to you Joyce, What a Wonderful Birthday present. I have been praying for you both. I am So Happy God answers prayer.
May 22 2013 08:51 GMT superJoan
Is there any wonder that Joyce looks so happy home at last..Happy Birthday
May 27 2013 18:34 GMT annieann PRO
she is so lovely