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Comments on this photo:

Mar 07 2013 18:57 GMT Riet
Good news! Each day I looked forward to good news from you.
And finally......there it is! :-) It was a rough time for Joyce, but also for you.
I admire you both for the courage and not have given up your trust in the medical staff.
Joyce, you are a heroine! I hope you will soon be home again!
Hugs, XX :-)
Mar 07 2013 19:04 GMT abojovna PRO
Many prayers for Joyce from me and my family!
I hope with you, dear friend John , that Joyce Will be soom back home!
The best wishes to you both!
Mar 07 2013 19:05 GMT elsje323
good news John, I hope Joyce will soon be home
Mar 07 2013 20:26 GMT julie13
Your camera will still be there as we all will be when you are ready, hobbies are best enjoyed when life is less stressful. So glad to hear that Joyce will be home soon, a month goes fast so start counting the days now :)
Mar 07 2013 22:51 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
So good to hear that Joyce continues to make progress. I really admire her - and your - courageous spirit!
Mar 07 2013 23:40 GMT fhelsing PRO
Hoping for steady and continued progress ...... and home soon!
Mar 08 2013 01:14 GMT potterjo
Keep hoping that the next picture you post will be of Joyce coming home!
Mar 08 2013 01:52 GMT FunFriday
Speaking for the many friends that have asked about her progress - we all still look forward to that day of returning home!
Mar 08 2013 07:07 GMT Annamaria
You are making the right choice, John! Family first, but don't forget to think of yourself too! We will wait patiently for you to upload pictures.... untill then: all the best for the recovery of Joyce!!
Mar 08 2013 09:32 GMT wijnie58
Geweldig nieuws John, Foto's maken kan altijd maar Joyce is het aller belangrijkste.
Groetjes en knuffels voor Joyce....:-))
Mar 08 2013 10:03 GMT bandsix
It's all been said, John....and I wish it, too:)
Mar 09 2013 02:52 GMT pauli3522
what a nice new, i have realized that the love that you feel for your wife is so deep and that is why she is a fighter and she is feeling better....
only the power of love can make a miracle ...i am so happy for you and your wife
Mar 09 2013 12:22 GMT Papagena
I join all the messages of the other FTs John !! It's very important to remain confident !!
Mar 10 2013 12:48 GMT Lie
Give my greetings to Joyce and we hope you soon can make pictures again (what means that Joyce is at home) Have a nice sunday...
Mar 10 2013 22:18 GMT martini957
Bless you both...still in my prayers : ))
Mar 11 2013 13:39 GMT mellie
John, you are both in my prayers. Take care.