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Jan 07 2014 22:06 GMT pauli3522
so sad indeed my friend..i can not find the right words to confort you....just...take your time and i hope joyce is doing better...and i hope that family can stay by her side all this time...that is all that she needs...so sorry dear jomoud...
Jan 08 2014 01:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 08 2014 01:23 GMT potterjo
Such sad news, hugs to you and your family.
Jan 08 2014 03:45 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm sorry to hear this sad news, and am glad that she can be at home.
Jan 08 2014 10:16 GMT teddybear2
I heart and prayers go out to you both. Love from New Zealand
Jan 08 2014 11:04 GMT Sheila PRO
So sorry to hear all that, John. I hope the concern and love of your friends here will be a comfort to you as you pass those sleepless hours in our company. We will certainly be holding you in our hearts at this time.
Jan 08 2014 14:19 GMT Bellavista
All my love to both of you!
Jan 08 2014 14:24 GMT Annamaria
So sorry to read this sad news, John!! Its a good thing that she is home and surrounded with you and the family to give her all the love and care she needs at the moment! Please take good care of yourself too!! You both will be in my thoughts....
Jan 08 2014 15:17 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Annamaria..Think about you and Joyce...!!!
Jan 08 2014 16:19 GMT mellie
John, we are all saddened by this news. We are thinking of you and yours at this very difficult time. Please take care.
Jan 08 2014 19:36 GMT Jagged PRO
Our thoughts are with you both.
Jan 09 2014 01:24 GMT megmet PRO
So sorry to hear this John, I hope that knowing you are in the thoughts and prayers of all your friends here will help you to be strong for Joyce.
Love to you, joyce and all your family at this very difficult time. xx
Jan 09 2014 09:06 GMT MargNZ
Special thoughts and prayers to you John, Joyce and your family. This is indeed a sad and difficult time for you all to come to terms with . Thinking of you across the many miles .
Jan 09 2014 10:14 GMT linnywv PRO
John I will keep you both in my prayers.
Jan 09 2014 12:29 GMT hans55 PRO
so sorry to read this ... but as said earlier ..its good that she's at home with you and her beloved ones ... take care of her John !! ...our thoughts are with you !!
Jan 09 2014 14:43 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear John, this was certainly not the news you expected... What can I say/write to you??? You, Joyce and your family and friends will be granted some more time together.
Celebrate life my dear friend, celebrate Joyce's life, which has always been such a blessing for all of you. Tell her and each other how much you love one another. Through the eyes of love an hour, a day, a week a month a year of being together can equal and even surpass eternity. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Jan 09 2014 18:00 GMT Papagena
My thoughts are with Joyce and all your family and friends, John. And I join also all comments given here......
Jan 09 2014 22:50 GMT annieann PRO
john, I am so saddened to hear this news . god bless you both . I will be thinking about you and praying for you both xx god bless
Jan 09 2014 23:18 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Damn. Don't worry about us. Spend your time with her, you'll never get a second chance for those moments! :(
Jan 10 2014 04:16 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 10 2014 07:35 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
My thoughts are with you both John.
Jan 10 2014 08:08 GMT ForestSpirit
So sorry to hear this sad news, John.
One thing I'm sure of: you'll fill the rest of Joyce's days with as
much love as you can.

Forget about us Fotothingers for now!
Jan 10 2014 16:02 GMT Hanny50
Dear John, wat a sad nieuws for Joyse, you and your familie, this is a bad thing to start 2014 with. I wish the whole familie a lot of strenght in the next time and hope that you camera can bring you consolation and something to ease your mind with
Jan 10 2014 16:10 GMT julie13
Life can be incredibly cruel and events can make happiness feel like it never existed.
I look back to a pic I posted on April 23rd last year, a normal day, went out with hubby and the kids, nowhere special, spent the evening sitting in the garden with Storm by 6 year old boisterous Rottie, I remember telling him to stop barking at Debbie next door, Debbie just laughed at this big lovable clown. Just before bedtime he was stealing jam sandwiches from the kitchen top. Next day he was gone, taken by a brain tumour we had no clue existed. He was our child. My son Jason insisted on being there when the vet put him to sleep, he would have it no other way, they grew up together. Ever seen a vet cry? we did that day. 12 weeks later we lost Jess, Storms mother to cancer, she had no symptoms but grief accelerated it. The loss has been so hard to bear, I still cry everyday. Now Taz, Storms dad has signs of cancer, he is 9 but I know he wont be with us for much longer. My three muskateers, my babies, belong together it seems. I am not religious, believed when you go thats it but a photo I took 2 days before losing Jess shows Storm looking out of the window. He came back for his mum and no doubt they will both come back for Taz. This brings comfort to my science dominated mind, I now know there is something after we go. I look back to my last posting before Storms passing and wish I could go back, even just for a minute, to feel that happiness that has since evaded me, I want it all back.
Take comfort in knowing that Joyce will be released from her suffering and that she will never be far away, just a step away really. Letting her go is not the end, Storm showed me that but it hurts for us left behind, it hurts knowing we are losing someone we love so much, but if that person leaving has known love and happiness then we did a good job. You take care of yourself and give Joyce a hug from me. X X
Jan 15 2014 16:24 GMT martini957
Heartbreaking.....life here on earth sure can be painful at times...and although it might not help very much right now....I strongly believe we'll be reunited with our loved ones in a place where there will be no more tears....no more heartaches...May God bless you and Joyce with sweet, loving endurance on this journey.
Jan 19 2014 15:22 GMT yvonNL

Sterke in de komende tijd en een hartelijke groet.
Jan 20 2014 19:30 GMT elsje323
my thoughts are with you John
Jan 26 2014 04:16 GMT fotothinger
Sorry to hear this! My thoughts are with you John.
Jan 26 2014 10:00 GMT FRIESIAN
Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd John!!
Jan 26 2014 17:21 GMT Bigbear10
So sorry to hear this news John, our thoughts are with you all
Jan 28 2014 20:32 GMT fashionmonster94
We're all here for you and so am I, it can be very painful to lose someone very close, even though their may not be much that can be done, just think of all the positive outcomes that you've guys have shared throughout the hole life you guys have been together. Thinking Negative is just gonna make it worst, if you know you guys had the best time together, she will know she left a happy person and she will be waiting for you when you guys are reunited in a better place :)