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Tags radio


Radio Jomoud is now on the air.
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Comments on this photo:

May 22 2012 17:17 GMT happysnaper
Fantastic John.
May 22 2012 17:32 GMT twsottawan PRO
Nice vintage radio. You know I used to like a good 45 minute uninterrupted symphony. Now that I am older I would probably get a bit fidgety if I had to sit 2.5 hours to hear the fat lady sing at an opera. This kind of music is passe now they say. I'm trying to learn the new music but it's an uphill struggle. The profit for all concerned is not as great as it once was. It's like micro brewing beer. Seems like micro music. Not that big a deal. Itunes what's next Mytunes. I'm not a musician.
May 22 2012 18:40 GMT jomoud PRO
It is why I upload oldies to my server. Some people enjoy easy listening music in the background, others are sick and tired of it after 30 minutes, and in that case you just turn it off:):)
May 22 2012 20:12 GMT wijnie58
Great work John...:-))
May 22 2012 20:16 GMT Lie
Music is my first love.....great find !
May 22 2012 22:19 GMT twsottawan PRO
Yes I suppose you can always turn it off. Bit more tricky if it's a live performance and as a member of the audience you can't move as freely. Sometimes bystanders or the concert master gets angry.
May 25 2012 05:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I've been a musician for 50+ years - I prefer oldies over-all.... but for some specifics classical.
My solution to long butt-busters that are boring - If I don't like it - I don't go.... :-))