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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2012 18:26 GMT bandsix
That's good news, John, let's hope she keeps on making improvement!
Dec 13 2012 18:32 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Glad to hear news of some improvement John - my thoughts are with you both.
Dec 13 2012 18:35 GMT elsje323
glad to hear some improvement John
Dec 13 2012 18:37 GMT peterpinhole
I Hope she continues to improve to be able to spend Christmas at home.
Dec 13 2012 18:46 GMT abojovna PRO
I stay in my thought with you both, John. I wish Joyce get well soon and back home at Christmas !
Dec 13 2012 18:46 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
I hope Joyce continues to improve and that she might make it home for Christmas.
Dec 13 2012 19:05 GMT hans55 PRO
good to hear this John ...lets hope she gets better soon again !!
Dec 13 2012 19:33 GMT 25barb
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you both..May she continue to improve daily and so very happy that her pain is less...
Thanks for the updates...
Dec 13 2012 20:45 GMT Annamaria
Thats possitive news, John!! I hope she will feel a bit better every day!! ;-))
Dec 13 2012 21:34 GMT Lie
I hope she get better soon...
Dec 13 2012 23:37 GMT mellie
Thank you for the update, John. My best wishes to your Joyce.
Dec 14 2012 04:58 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm glad to hear that her pain is less, and I also hope that she feels a bit better in the days to come.
Dec 14 2012 05:54 GMT annaschnitfink
I've just read the news of Joyce's hospitalization for the first time. I did not visit FT
for quite a while. I feel shocked dear John for both of you and for your further family.
You mention rightly so that Joyce is such a fighter!!! I wish you all the very best for
Joyce's recovery, and that she may soon be back in your warm family.
Dec 14 2012 09:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Our continuing thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
Dec 14 2012 15:47 GMT Elly
I'm heard from riet of Joyce being in hospotal again. I'm glad to read it is getting a bit better. My thoughts are with you, Joyce and John.
Dec 14 2012 19:21 GMT pauli3522
i am so happy for you and for your family that your wife is doing better.....just keep the doctor´s recomendation and i am sure that your wife will be at home very very soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn