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I Finally photographed one of the rarest animals on earth!

For many years I have attempted to photograph a Jackalope, one of the rarest animals on this planet. The Jackalope is an antlered species of rabbit, unfortunately rumoured to be extinct, yet occasional sightings of this rare creature continue to occur, suggesting that pockets of jackalope populations continue to persist in its native home, the North-American West.
My friend, the famous Indian Chief Hanglogonads, told me about a likely location to spot the elusive Jackalope, I camped for three days in a hide-away shelter in the bush near Teulon in Central Manitoba. Late afternoon on the third day, just as I was about to give up and return home, my dream was realized. A Jackalope briefly appeared in a small open area. The encounter was brief and only allowed me to take one photograph.

The Jackalope is an aggressive species, willing to use its antlers to fight. Thus, it is also sometimes called the "warrior rabbit."

Jackalopes possess an uncanny ability to mimic human sounds. In the old West, when cowboys would gather by their campfires to sing at night, Jackalopes would frequently be heard singing back, mimicking the voices of the cowboys. Jackalopes become especially vocal before thunderstorms, perhaps because they mate only when lightning flashes (or so it is theorized).

When chased, the Jackalope will use its vocal abilities to elude capture. For instance, when chased by people it will call out phrases such as, "There he goes, over there," in order to throw pursuers off its track. The best way to catch a Jackalope is to lure it with whiskey, as they have a particular fondness for this drink. Once intoxicated, the animal becomes slower and easier to hunt.
Jackalope milk is particularly sought after because it is believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac (for which reason, the Jackalope is also sometimes referred to as the 'horny rabbit'). However, milking a Jackalope can be incredibly dangerous, and any attempt to do so is not advised. A peculiar feature of the milk is that it comes from the animal already homogenized on account of the creature's powerful leaps.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 31 2011 19:02 GMT saffi9
fantastic - you got me lol
Mar 31 2011 19:05 GMT Pea2007
Interesting story John.
Mar 31 2011 19:14 GMT sini
Great story and entry!:)
Mar 31 2011 19:21 GMT Annamaria
Great job, John!! ;-))
Mar 31 2011 19:43 GMT FLUMP
Mar 31 2011 20:02 GMT MargNZ
You are quite a story teller John ... excellent entry for Aprilfool's day :))
Mar 31 2011 20:25 GMT sheasoru68
Bit of a "hare" raising story that, think i'll pass on the milk too.
Mar 31 2011 21:15 GMT lossieloon
Great stuff!!! :-))
Mar 31 2011 21:18 GMT Icandoit
Great work and entry!:)
Mar 31 2011 21:57 GMT hans55 PRO
a very funny entry !!! :-)
Mar 31 2011 22:08 GMT martini957
Mar 31 2011 23:38 GMT carla53
WOW so very beautiful
Apr 01 2011 01:22 GMT T1MELESS PRO
JOHN I love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Apr 01 2011 03:56 GMT verarenm
Lovely entry John!
Apr 01 2011 05:00 GMT fhelsing PRO
They've been sighted where I live ......

Apr 01 2011 05:44 GMT rainbow71
LOL a wonderful entry.
Apr 01 2011 07:42 GMT marijke06
Apr 01 2011 08:05 GMT ujbanyiv
Wow! incredible Creation ;-) Great Entry...
Apr 01 2011 08:18 GMT ForestSpirit
I never cease to be amazed at the wonders of nature!!!
Apr 01 2011 08:40 GMT teddybear2
ha ha ha very good. I hope it did not try to get down a hole with them horns reversing could be a problem
Apr 01 2011 11:22 GMT ankaa
very Interesting story.
Apr 01 2011 12:29 GMT marl184
hahahaha very funny
Apr 01 2011 13:32 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Brilliant John:-))))
Apr 01 2011 14:24 GMT Donjames
hahahahaha the famous Jackalope caught by a ft member...well done...good one
Apr 01 2011 15:08 GMT iyerhari
great great fools entry!!!!!!!!!
Apr 01 2011 15:48 GMT h43
Well done!!
Apr 01 2011 18:16 GMT peterpinhole
ahhh... finally captured in natures splendor.... the ever elusive jackalope....Well done my friend!
Apr 01 2011 18:49 GMT Kaska
haha :) funny animals you have living there ;)
Apr 01 2011 19:43 GMT bagiggio
Jackalope??? but isn't this a "minollo" ????
Apr 01 2011 21:17 GMT gafaway
perfect... but I wonder... by posting this on April fools day...
people will think these Easter bunnies don't really exist...

you should seach warmer climates in the winter...
never seen in the central regions of the Americas...
but still worthy of a search during Feb or March : )
Apr 01 2011 21:51 GMT rosyapple PRO
Clever clever creation John! Well done.
Apr 02 2011 01:38 GMT potterjo
Excellent capture of a Jackalope, haven't seen one since leaving Texas. ; )

Sorry about the garlic...we grow 4 30ft rows and it goes into almost everything...can you eat onions?
Apr 02 2011 09:46 GMT bandsix
brilliant piece of art work and the legend is great!! Just wish we had them in our neck of the woods....
Apr 02 2011 15:37 GMT Sheila PRO
Best entry of the day!
Apr 02 2011 20:43 GMT Elly
You were very lucky to shoot this animal. I hope I will find one in 365 days ore so. :-)
Apr 03 2011 17:16 GMT elsje323
briljant entry John