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Lake ships frozen in ice at Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 17 2011 15:46 GMT iyerhari
beautiful entry for the theme!
Mar 17 2011 16:09 GMT Papagena
Fatastic capture and reflections John !!

In 1963 the under part of the lake of Zurich, nearby the town was frozen and we could skate from one side to the other. I will never forget this great experience.


Mar 17 2011 17:26 GMT Xaragma
A unique reflection!
Mar 17 2011 17:42 GMT sini
Great image!:)
Mar 17 2011 17:47 GMT Bellavista
Great entry John! It should be very cold!
Mar 17 2011 18:16 GMT bandsix
Good entry John....glad it's a bit warmer here.....
Mar 17 2011 18:25 GMT Annamaria
Waiting for the ice to melt...
Mar 17 2011 18:38 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice entry John!!!!!
Mar 17 2011 19:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - this is great John. How large is the lake, and are there ice-cutters?
Mar 17 2011 19:12 GMT jomoud PRO
Lake Winnipeg, the last remains of glacial Lake Agassiz, lies on the boundary between the low-relief Interior Plains and the southwestern Canadian Shield.

The surface area of Lake Winnipeg is about 23,750 km2. The lake covers about 3.7 % of the surface area of the Province of Manitoba.
Lake Winnipeg is about 436 km in length.
At its widest point, Lake Winnipeg is about 111 km across.
Lake Winnipeg reaches a maximum depth of about 36 metres.

With its many bays, harbours, and points, the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg is about 1,750 km long.

Mar 17 2011 19:40 GMT elsje323
great entry John
Mar 17 2011 20:57 GMT martini957
Fantastic shot....I love KEENORA too...wonderful to see in original view
Mar 18 2011 08:20 GMT Donjames
So nice....great entry
Mar 19 2011 01:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that is quite a lake! Are ice breakers used at all?
How about commerce - is it an important body of water in that respect?