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Comments on this photo:

Mar 27 2013 19:49 GMT 25barb
I will continue to pray for all of you...And especially Joyce for her daily improvement It has been a long hard time and yet it seems she has the desire to do whatever it takes to improve. as - nagging to get up...
My thoughts and prayers will continue..
Mar 27 2013 19:49 GMT MargNZ
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Joyce as you cope with yet another setback John. Joyce has remarkable fight in her :)
Mar 27 2013 20:00 GMT Riet
Joyce is a very special and such a brave woman! She must overcome with your love and the help of the specialists.
I wish both of you strength and patience!
Carry on, Joyce! :-)
A warm embrace X
Mar 27 2013 20:25 GMT Annamaria
All has been said by the 2 ladies above.... My thoughts are with Joyce and you John!! She must be a very, very strong woman!!
Mar 27 2013 21:05 GMT elsje323
I agree with Anna-Maria and my thoughtsare with both of you
Mar 28 2013 01:06 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm hoping for a time of healing ............
Mar 28 2013 08:20 GMT bandsix
Keep on keeping on, John and Joyce:)
Mar 28 2013 15:00 GMT wijnie58
Inderdaad alles is al gezegd, John...Nou maar bidden en hopen...:-))
Groetjes en knuffels voor jullie allebei...
Mar 28 2013 15:44 GMT Papagena
I send you and Joyce again my sincere wishes for a soon and lasting recovery !! ;o)
Mar 29 2013 02:22 GMT potterjo
Best wishes coming your way. For some reason, while at work in my studio this afternoon, I wondered how things were going for you.
Mar 30 2013 14:41 GMT pauli3522
hoping that everything goes fine....keep your faith..and give her all the love that she needs to win the battle
Mar 30 2013 15:24 GMT julie13
Sorry to hear about these setbacks, so unfair for both of you but it sounds like she is receiving good care. Thinking of you both X X
Apr 01 2013 17:18 GMT annaschnitfink
Again and again: all the best for you and for your brave Joyce.
May springtime bring to both of you and your family and friends a lasting recovery!!!
Apr 02 2013 00:24 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Our thoughts are with you and Joyce, but tell her not to despair, to fight. My wife died twice in hospital but recovered completely in ten years. Took her about 3 to come back to par. Miracles happen.
Apr 03 2013 07:36 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
My thoughts, as ever, are with you both John.
Apr 04 2013 03:02 GMT martini957
Nagging is a good sign....keep on fighting Joyce : ))
Apr 05 2013 12:43 GMT roncarlin PRO
Words can no describe the situation you and Joyce are experiencing. You have been a blessing to her and we will keep praying for you both.
Apr 10 2013 20:15 GMT mellie
Thoughts and prayers are with you, John.