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A number of years ago, Mrs. Jomoud became very ill and was rushed to the hospital emergency. While in the emergency, she suffered a cardiac arrest and died, and was clinically dead for almost 6 minutes.
She was revived, after which she slipped into a coma that lasted 8 weeks.
Following her return to consciousness, it was discovered that she had lost a lot of short term memory, and had lost the use of her arms, hands and legs. Her speech was gone.
She had to relearn to talk, use her hands and walk.
She worked hard for many many months to regain her independence.
She needed help and support for a long time, but she remained determined to be able to walk on the beach again.
This memory photo shows her walking on the beach for the very first time since the coma, and without any assistance from anyone.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 03 2008 20:40 GMT Elise
CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks God shes back to normal.

Great memories John....super!!
Jul 03 2008 20:41 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
My goodness what a powerful picture John! And such an impressive tale of recovery and strength of character.
I'm so glad to hear of the successful outcome!
Wish her all the best from me.
Jul 03 2008 20:41 GMT sini
Precious memory! I understand what you mean in your comment on my entry!:)
Jul 03 2008 20:42 GMT Macfudge
A tremendous story showing great courage and determination! It is a lesson for all of us! Thank you for sharing. :-)
Jul 03 2008 20:43 GMT Carlimauda
Impressive story John, this is such a beautiful memory!....the first walk....
Jul 03 2008 20:45 GMT craftybutterfly
Wow, what a strong woman! Great picture, story, memory & entry
Jul 03 2008 20:46 GMT marijke06
special memory....great one!
you wrote about she had to relearn to talk, and I know she can....because I had her on the phone two times during your visit :))
Jul 03 2008 20:50 GMT bennystr
A powerful and inspiring entry John, Thanks for sharing it with us!
All the best to Mrs. Jomoud!
Jul 03 2008 20:50 GMT hans55 PRO
thats a very good memory for you my friend !!!
Jul 03 2008 20:52 GMT jamby PRO
for the loved ones this is certainly an unforgettable memory but for the outsiders this is one inspiring story my dear friend John...of how courage and determination conquers all...Thank you for sharing to us this remarkable piece of inspiration!
Jul 03 2008 20:54 GMT jomoud PRO
I had forgotten about that Marijke:)
Jul 03 2008 20:55 GMT virginiabrill
Awesome memory!!! =)
Jul 03 2008 21:08 GMT Riet
A memory that will never go away.......the two of you have gone through heavy times.....I admire her and your courage and perseverance!!!
Impressive entry, John1
Jul 03 2008 21:22 GMT Sheila PRO
Thanks for sharing that with us, John. Powerful picture of a wonderful moment for both of you.
Jul 03 2008 21:27 GMT Lubranco2008
Mrs. Jomoud is a Great Lady to be admired.. an example and never give up...
Sensitive Entry dear John!
Jul 03 2008 21:45 GMT Milibuh
No words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 03 2008 22:08 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Such a wonderful shot to commerate this memory!
Jul 03 2008 22:48 GMT LisaSam67
this is beautiful John
Jul 03 2008 22:54 GMT dougrun PRO
John, you brought a tear to my eye! Awe inspiring story and photo! Your wife is one courageous and determined woman! I am humbled by such a person!!! My best to her and to you!
Jul 03 2008 23:02 GMT ashdad PRO
Poignant memory!
Jul 03 2008 23:29 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Lovely photo and dedication
Jul 03 2008 23:31 GMT megmet PRO
It's a memory I'm sure you will both never forget.

A wonderful entry John, done with so much love.....
My very best wishes to you both.
Jul 03 2008 23:37 GMT kimbob
Lovely memory. Impressive and inspiring!
Jul 04 2008 00:27 GMT abojovna PRO
Congratulations too! Fantastic remember of a new born day!
Jul 04 2008 01:55 GMT aquiles PRO
MARVELLOUS MEMORY,,,VERY INSPIRING, INDEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 04 2008 03:59 GMT hallo
Where there's a will there's a way...very nice and emotional entry my friend!
Jul 04 2008 04:01 GMT rainbow71
Amazing entry, wonderful woman.
Jul 04 2008 04:17 GMT fhelsing PRO
A wonderful story ... and congratulations to both of you! What a beautiful day ...

-- Fleur
Jul 04 2008 05:53 GMT Kaska
such a beautiful and touching story. What a determination! And I can read so much love between the lines of your story.
as Fleur writes: What a beautiful day...
Jul 04 2008 06:07 GMT alhoafun
I'm so glad it was a happy ending...and I hope Mrs J walks on many more beaches.... an inspiring story
Jul 04 2008 06:16 GMT lizzieb
This is a fantastic entry and a wonderful tribute to Mrs J. And all of you that helped in her recovery. I am pleased the outcome was good. We are far more resiliant as human beings than we thing we are - and this proves it!!!!
Jul 04 2008 06:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
a wonderful story of triumph over tragedy

very moving entry John

Hugs to Joyce
Jul 04 2008 06:47 GMT rock
wonderful story with marvellous happy end!
Jul 04 2008 07:26 GMT senna3
A touching story, wonderful dedication to your wife.
Jul 04 2008 08:47 GMT litz
..and i have the memory of this foto when you first uploaded awhile ago ...
Courage and perseverance we need to go ahead whatever life has to offer John..!!
touching entry..!
Jul 04 2008 11:32 GMT yvon
ja zulke momenten blijven je altijd bij.Na al het verdriet iets positiefs
Jul 04 2008 13:43 GMT Poulet PRO
Very impressive, my dear friend!!!
Wonderful entry!
Congratulations to both of you.

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Jul 04 2008 15:02 GMT Satto
Lovely memory....Impressive and inspiring...
wonderful dedication to your wife....Have a nice weekend:-)
Jul 04 2008 15:11 GMT lynnj04
amazing story a lesson for all, I am glad she recovered, she is a very strong woman, this photo is evidence of her determination, fantastic entry :-))
Jul 04 2008 15:28 GMT Molly PRO
Obviously, you two still have a lot of living to do - together.
I'm so glad she's recovered.
Jul 04 2008 15:50 GMT LizSA
I am so happy for you.... what a wonderful memory, what a
inspiration Mr Jomoud is ..
we saw her on the previous uploads with the walking aid, and one
wonders.. thankyou for the information...thankyou for trusting us with your
very precious memories.

Big Hugs as PP said..... and well done MRS JOMOUD... WELL DONE...!!!
Jul 04 2008 16:05 GMT martini957
a most remarkable lady...God bless her
Jul 04 2008 18:07 GMT Lensvision
What a great memory. Well done Mrs Jomoud!!!
Jul 04 2008 21:17 GMT jomoud PRO
To all of you above, thank you for your very kind and warm reactions.
Mrs Jomoud was very taken by the many well wishes that you all expressed.
Of course, she herself did not find that she did something special:):)
But our entire family has been and continue to be pretty proud of her.
Thank you again.
Jul 04 2008 21:47 GMT megmet PRO
Oh but you both did something very special.
With my work in England with the elderly and disabled I know exactly how hard you both had to work at Joyce's recovery.....I'm so glad there was that beautiful rainbow at the end of the long journey...

Love to you both. :-)