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Tags scream cry war

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The War On Terrorism
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 29 2006 04:35 GMT OpheliaPoet
That's pretty freaky! It's neat, but scary! How did you do that?
Nov 29 2006 13:21 GMT jnevins
We are doing a project in Intro to Computer Art class on Surrealism and Dada... Using Photoshop we are blending 2 or more layers together using the blend mode... in this case I used the Difference mode. I did this set as a demonstration for my students.
Nov 30 2006 02:04 GMT Darcyspics
Wow what a blend!!!
Dec 01 2006 01:09 GMT kboshea
WOW! I LOVE THIS...and the next two...BUT ESPECIALLY THIS. This doesn't strike me as you usual style.
Dec 01 2006 22:31 GMT yamartin
Definately cool!
Dec 04 2006 00:10 GMT kringleman
very unique, I like it alot.
Dec 04 2006 02:59 GMT jnevins
Thanks Kendra. The unit on Surrealism and the Unconscious we are doing at Albertus prompted this set... you are right though, I normally wouldn't be doing work like this.
Dec 05 2006 05:59 GMT pangmanb
Thats incredible, the photo actually jump out at you. It reminded me of a painting I saw at a museum the represents fear.
Dec 07 2006 14:49 GMT coriphee
A cry for help for sure, this is awesome.
Dec 10 2006 23:31 GMT mjbrads
I'm off to photoshop right now to see what I can do
Dec 19 2006 11:44 GMT Maurabia
cinema fantastic
Mar 02 2007 02:51 GMT kokoa
I want more details on how you did this. Did you use a variety of layers and filters to bring this to a composite?
Mar 02 2007 02:56 GMT jnevins
I combined two images in photoshop by putting the on 2 layers and combining them using the difference blend mode...!
Jul 13 2009 16:30 GMT CandyinHell666
Nice combination ;]
Oct 05 2009 23:22 GMT djones1
This is amazing.
Oct 06 2009 00:58 GMT jnevins