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Guess who's baking #9/9

Spikey the Spider Cake.
Check out his legs...those are chocolate covered cookies, welded together with melted chocolate...if you please.

Martha Stewart...eat your heart out, girl.
Now the Zoop wants one for her party next weekend.

Ya, Daagggg!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2007 20:28 GMT Doody PRO
WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will you be my mommy ?
Oct 19 2007 20:29 GMT bennystr
Simply GREAT :-)
Oct 19 2007 20:29 GMT mariazinha32
FANTASTICCCCCCCCCC...hahahahaha......great one...realy great....
Oct 19 2007 20:37 GMT santaslittlehelper
OMG !!! I can't believe you made this... It is sooooooooo COOL !! HAGELSLAG RULES !!! Thank you so much 4 sharing.
Oct 19 2007 20:50 GMT armywife94e
thats so adorable, what did you make the legs out of?
Oct 19 2007 20:51 GMT armywife94e
oops guess i should have read your description before I ask questions LMAO
Oct 19 2007 21:07 GMT BobdeGroot
That's a good looking delicious cake. Yummie. Enjoy it !!
Oct 19 2007 21:08 GMT Kaatje
Wonderful ! You could have won the craft challenge with this!
Oct 19 2007 21:19 GMT maxelkat
That is a cool cake :)
Oct 19 2007 21:21 GMT nzshutter PRO
Thats one special looking cake!! Save me a piece. hehehe. :-)
Oct 19 2007 22:36 GMT Jaapie PRO
Kaatje is right!!!!! This cake is brilliant! Is there any Hagelslag in it?!?!?!?! Looks like it! Yummyy!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 19 2007 22:37 GMT Bellavista
Great work Jen!! Congrat!! :-))
Oct 19 2007 23:22 GMT hevychevy PRO
did you find enough flower Jen to cook your cake ccool creation you are talented :))
Oct 19 2007 23:30 GMT jenylew
LOL yep - check out the series - it involved a small robbery, but we "Got 'er dun!"
Oct 19 2007 23:31 GMT hevychevy PRO
i did i feel like i'm a trained crook and baker all in one after your day of cooking lessons :) LOL
Oct 19 2007 23:38 GMT jenylew
Ha, I'm a baad influence, gotta be careful hangin out with us nutty FT girls! :-) Thanks for coming back to check the piece de resistance!
Oct 19 2007 23:56 GMT monica
jaajj me encantó!!
Oct 20 2007 01:07 GMT Poulet PRO
I don't like dessert...........BUT I like your cake so muchhhhh!!!
What a cool and cute cake! ;)))
Oct 20 2007 01:09 GMT jceca PRO
the loveliest spider i've ever seen !!!!!!!
congrats for this piece of art !!! :-))
Oct 20 2007 01:19 GMT jenylew
Ha ha Doody. :-)
Oct 20 2007 01:25 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Oh wow!! Now that's cool! Now I can see why you won the mom of the year award!
Oct 20 2007 02:13 GMT jenylew
Ha ha - well I am without question a front running candidate after this endeavour! Tee hee! :-)
Oct 20 2007 02:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow wow wow - I'm very impressed!!!

this is world class!!
Oct 20 2007 03:03 GMT jamaboop
What a fun shot and wonderful way to spread joy!! ;)
Oct 20 2007 03:41 GMT Empty
The end result... :)) too bad it's gonna get all chewed up.

Thanx for taking us thru the creation Jenylew...:))
Oct 20 2007 12:18 GMT LizSA
well done.... it gets good points for effort.. 10/10..
colour ... 99%
Imagination 100 %....
and photography... mmm... hummm... 99.9% well done..!!
Martha Steward enjoy.... !!!
Oct 20 2007 13:12 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oh wow girl this is so friggin' cool & I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate spiders but I think I would eat it. Great job.
Oct 20 2007 15:57 GMT Molly PRO
That looks awesome! Great work!
Oct 20 2007 16:22 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wonderful cake jen...sooo when can I have some?
Oct 20 2007 18:38 GMT jenylew
Hi cutie - they sent home with Kermit the leftovers...just the head part but minus one eye and all of his teeth.
It's acutally very delicious - here honey you can have the piece with the pink eye! :-)
Oct 20 2007 18:39 GMT LisaSam67
oh that's too cool looking!
Oct 20 2007 22:55 GMT grumpyoldtrout
Wow superb work, how long did that take???? I want one for Iains birthday, he loves spiders. :-))
Oct 21 2007 01:54 GMT gafaway
I know the work was in the cake but the photo is fabulous!
Oct 21 2007 06:28 GMT Londi PRO
Such talent !!! (and work, but fun work of course ;+)
Oct 21 2007 11:06 GMT suzannesmash
What a MASTERPIECE of art too...i would do aaaanything..almost for a piece of this
Oct 21 2007 14:06 GMT Arik77
So much work ...
That's amazing !!!
Oct 21 2007 14:34 GMT sini
Haha...Great cake!:))
Oct 21 2007 14:38 GMT jenylew
Only a few pieces left Suzanne - here you are, hon. Want a leg? There's one of those left, too. :-)
Oct 21 2007 15:23 GMT h43
This is fantastic Jenny. I wish I were talented and patient enough to do things like this. I know the "G" kids would love it if I did.
Oct 21 2007 16:12 GMT JPHarr
Just like Martha Stewart, except that you probably aren't a nasty be-yotch.

Nice job! And to think that I was proud of my banana muffins and eggs this morning!
Oct 21 2007 16:42 GMT jenylew

Hey - Banana muffins and eggs work for me. This cake was a one time thang...way to fussy for this cat.

You're cooking again...does that mean you're back home??? :-)
Oct 21 2007 19:33 GMT Petra17
I am very impressed...now bring the flour back!!!
Oct 21 2007 21:20 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, back to the fresh air and green grass of home! I promised my daughter that I'd bake her a cake when I got home, since I missed her birthday. But she called to tell me she changed her mind; she wanted banana and chocolate chip muffins instead. I made a triple batch, extra tasty and huge. :-P
Oct 21 2007 22:24 GMT mandybee
wow... I love it
Oct 21 2007 22:25 GMT Nodster
that has got to be one of the coolest cakes ever!!
Oct 22 2007 03:26 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Cake Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!