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Shadows can be most flattering.
Tee hee!


Looooooonnnng shadows of autumn...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2007 16:06 GMT hevychevy PRO
MANNNNNNNNN what long legs you have Jen :) LOL
Oct 22 2007 16:07 GMT jenylew
No kidding, eh?
Oct 22 2007 16:19 GMT gafaway
so much fun ! I am hoping for sunshine soon... to many days of rain and fog : (
Oct 22 2007 16:20 GMT Hamin PRO
This cap rocks ! There is a natural pastel to the hues - there's a great shadow of the photographer too ;-) Has to be a fav for me ! Manny
Oct 22 2007 16:33 GMT LisaSam67
lmao at the tags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 22 2007 16:39 GMT JPHarr
Exsqueeze me, but where do you buy your pants?
Oct 22 2007 17:03 GMT jceca PRO
you were so right ....
noup, i won't hear the weather there, you batman !!!!!!

( i susppect this is the cake spider anyway !!! though ... a few legs have been eaten already :D )
Oct 22 2007 17:14 GMT jenylew
Hey! The pants inspector is here...thought these legs might get yer attention, sir! ;-)
(Killing myself @ exsqueeze me, haven't heard that in eons!)
Oct 22 2007 18:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
How do you get such a steady shot on stilts ??? Did you learn that when you ran away with the circus ? :-)))
Oct 22 2007 18:07 GMT jenylew
Spot on, Roger! :-)
Oct 22 2007 18:20 GMT Poulet PRO
I like your VERY loooooooooooooooong legs!!! ;))
Oct 22 2007 18:27 GMT armywife94e
LOL wow you are tallllllllllllllll
Oct 22 2007 18:46 GMT eleni78 PRO
nice crop, very good sybject!!
Oct 22 2007 20:31 GMT mariazinha32
hahaha..got yourself some great legs here Jen.....
Oct 23 2007 05:42 GMT gtc126
Great Shadow....That person has some seriously long legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!
Oct 23 2007 13:13 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wow my dear you literally have legs that go for days. Have you ever thought of modelling or basketball with pegs like that? :>P
Oct 23 2007 13:16 GMT jenylew
Ha - modelling no, basketball Christ No, dreadful sport. Floors way to hard when you fall on your arse.
Oct 23 2007 13:34 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Hahahahahahaha have to work on buildin' up some cushy blubber on that skinny butt of yours then Air(Jenny)Jordan!!