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Rather than organized chaos, here is a shot of me trying to "Organize chaos" - my daughters bedroom.
Does that count?
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 13 2007 00:18 GMT JPHarr
Woo-hoo! We are past that point in our lives!

And yet, strangely, sometimes I miss it....
Sep 13 2007 00:41 GMT jenylew
Ha - well next time you are feeling nostalgic come on over and pitch in.
What a firetruck disaster... this took 2 entire days: 3 bags of garbage, 2 bags to the SallyAnne and 5 G & T's. How can one cute little 7 year old be so messy???

I should upload the after shot, I suppose. Had no intention of uploading any of it until I read the latest challenge.
Sep 13 2007 01:56 GMT JPHarr
When we have had these cleanups, it actually bothers me to find out how much pink plastic we have purchased with our own hard-earned money. I must have a firetruck hole where my brain should be. =)
Sep 13 2007 03:16 GMT LisaSam67
lmao JP!!!!!!! boy do i know that feeling.... it's like think about how many hours of life is wasted at work to add up to all that pink plastic hahahahaha

but it makes them sooooo happy :-) so... no hole in brain.... just good daddy :-))))))

and I agree...... next time you miss it come here..... i got nostalgia xFOUR for YOU
Sep 13 2007 03:25 GMT hbla PRO
oh yeah this is THE definition of chaos!

worse then my desk at work!

it's gotta be a winner lol
Sep 13 2007 03:44 GMT larrybenedict
I believe "Organized Chaos" is a term some mathematicians use to describe our material universe. Guess your daughter(don't you have two???) is a big part of your universe (one verse). In the grander scheme of things...not much difference, huh? That is not to say that you enjoyed organizing it (making myself clear)...I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.
Sep 13 2007 04:17 GMT Londi PRO
Sniff... no more purple girl's room to clean for me...I am almost sad...
Wait.. what's wrong with me!?
Speaking of pink plastic...Where do all the worn out Barbie Jeeps go??
Sep 13 2007 12:53 GMT bennystr
Beautiful pink chaos and great entry!
Best of luck, (with the challenge and the cleaning... as a mater of fact that's the bigger challenge... :-))
Sep 13 2007 20:24 GMT mariazinha32
sure it counts....great shot.....so organized...LOL...donīt worry....my daughter does exactly the same
Sep 14 2007 01:09 GMT martini957
lol.....looks better than my grandkid's room....good entry
Sep 15 2007 05:12 GMT BuckleBunny
Hey... I see some of the same toys we have here in our house!!! LOL!!! A girl's room.... soooooooooooooo challenging, huh??!!! ;) :)
Sep 20 2007 07:12 GMT rainbow71
All 7 year olds must be the same, I tend to threaten her if she doesn;t clean it up, I will put it all in a rubbish sack. The rubbish sack came out a few times.

Good luck.
Oct 01 2007 13:34 GMT baz0106
Oct 04 2007 20:07 GMT garynumber1cleaner
So sorry to see you had a burglary jenny .. lol ;-)