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This one is for LisaSam - as promised last night in my circle talk!!!

Your photo of your back deck all decorated for Christmas with the full hummingbird feeder made me remember I had left my feeders outside...LMAO this morning I went out and here's how I found them...I had set them by the back door to bring in and empty/wash about a month ago...WOOPS. :-)))

Believe it or not, they didn't crack...:-)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 06 2007 14:23 GMT aquiles PRO
wonderful image !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 06 2007 15:42 GMT gwen83
Not, not good in of for them. hahahahahaha......................
Dec 06 2007 16:16 GMT LizSA
just goes to show... time really flies....
and you have snow like this the year round until Spring...!!!
Dec 06 2007 16:47 GMT brendamc
Until next year!!
Dec 06 2007 18:10 GMT gtc126
Jeny great shot!!!!! I did not know they liked snowcones?????? LOL!!!!!!
Dec 06 2007 20:47 GMT bennystr
Lovely shot!
Dec 06 2007 21:25 GMT mariazinha32
now thatīs a lot of snowww
Dec 06 2007 22:46 GMT Tavascarow
Definately time to fill them.
Dec 07 2007 00:27 GMT LisaSam67

it's been bugging me all day too wondering what you'd forgotten

i was thinking red ribbons on something maybe

you and Jeff were the ones that noticed that feeder hahahahahaha

i've neglected the poor birds for 2 months now...... SHAME ON ME

and he noticed that i did it finally hahahahahaha
Dec 07 2007 00:27 GMT LisaSam67
at least i didn't turn my birdies food into POPCYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUM DUM heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeheheh

*giggles and RUNS*
Dec 07 2007 18:15 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wow..thats alot of snow...and it looks cccccold...brrrrr *shivers*