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One seriously gorgeous day, right here in my yard last week.

Heather - see my mutant super humungous corn is drying nicely!

Yesterday, we raked all of them.
Today, there are twice as many.

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2007 22:01 GMT josevadym
fantastic, i like that
Oct 29 2007 22:02 GMT rosyapple PRO
This is a golden delight!
Oct 29 2007 22:09 GMT eleni78 PRO
awesome shot! :)
Oct 29 2007 22:12 GMT megmet PRO
Gorgeous colours Jen..! We just don't get that here, the leaves just go wet and mushy in the rain. :-)
Oct 29 2007 22:13 GMT Bellavista
So beautiful!!!
Oct 29 2007 22:15 GMT suzannesmash
This is stunning beautiful!!
Oct 29 2007 22:23 GMT bennystr
Pure gold!
Oct 29 2007 22:58 GMT JPHarr
Ow! My eyeballs!
Oct 29 2007 23:05 GMT Jaapie PRO
Awesome...good eye! Fav'd!
Oct 29 2007 23:06 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful autumn colours - I am jealous!
Oct 29 2007 23:15 GMT LisaSam67

LMAO.... this is FABULOUS HUN!!!!!!!!! YaY you!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 29 2007 23:28 GMT armywife94e
All I can say is....WOW!!!!
Oct 29 2007 23:34 GMT jenylew
Thanks, Meg!
This fall has really been exceptional around here...usually the leaves are blown or rained down by now - it's just been heaven here lately! :-)
Oct 29 2007 23:35 GMT jenylew
Thanks, Rosy ;-)
Oct 29 2007 23:46 GMT mariazinha32
woww..stunning colours here....wish you good luck..
Oct 30 2007 00:02 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well blow me down ... pick me up ... and blow me down again

Totally gorgeous and Chocolate Fish worthy !
Oct 30 2007 00:05 GMT jenylew
*Ooooo yeah, it's my birthday, got a fishy, oooh yeah!*

Thanks Roger, you're the best! :-)
Oct 30 2007 00:57 GMT jceca PRO
wowwwww .... awesome !!!!!
Oct 30 2007 01:27 GMT Kaatje
Just beautiful, Jen! Always loved the side yard with the snake fence. Very pioneer Ontario. Using this pic as my background. To my favourite file!
Oct 30 2007 01:31 GMT jenylew
Thanks, K - go right ahead!
Oct 30 2007 03:59 GMT Londi PRO
OH! MY! GOSH! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 30 2007 06:01 GMT Arik77
Gorgeous fall colors ! Wonderful image !
Oct 30 2007 06:47 GMT galpay PRO
beautiful autumn image...
Oct 30 2007 08:02 GMT hans55 PRO
soooooo beautyful !!!
Oct 30 2007 09:09 GMT maxelkat
Excellent scene Jen!
Oct 30 2007 10:08 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful colours!
Oct 30 2007 10:44 GMT beedabee
beautiful autumn there .. great done !~
Oct 30 2007 13:35 GMT Petra17
Well done Jen
Oct 30 2007 14:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
This is absolutely beautiful jen:-))
Oct 30 2007 14:31 GMT hbla PRO
wow wow WOW!

I had to put my cornglasses on for this one!

just beautiful!!!
Oct 30 2007 15:39 GMT maguzz
one color: autumn ... very nice ... ;-)
Oct 30 2007 16:18 GMT brendamc
This is a beautiful photo Jenny.
Oct 30 2007 16:19 GMT jenylew
Oct 30 2007 16:55 GMT sini
Fantastic colour and shot!:)
Oct 30 2007 16:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
omg I'm so envious!!!

seriously - the fall pics I'll post later are anemic compared to this!
Oct 30 2007 17:50 GMT rainbow71
That is stunning, I would love to look at that out my window.
Oct 30 2007 18:31 GMT SIGMUND
Great autumn picture!!!
Thank you dear friend Jenny to visit my album and to choose some of my pictures, it is a honor for my!!!
Oct 30 2007 18:44 GMT jenylew
Thanks, Bill - I doubt very highly you are capable of any anemic photos what so ever, my friend!

We've been really lucky this year - most years around here the wind and rain elminate any hope of the colours getting this rich...it has been so calm and lovely here this fall that even the flowers in the garden are still gorgeous, and their leaves are all fire-yellows and oranges! :-)
Oct 30 2007 19:24 GMT Bali
Great autumn shot!!!!
Oct 30 2007 20:46 GMT pp11364
It is a very beautiful shot.
Oct 30 2007 22:53 GMT henrybohawk
from the heart comes the soul
from the flower there comes a smile
from the heart comes the soul
from the love comes a child
from the heart yes the heart---comes the soul.

i don't know---but i think in this jingle when i see this picture.

Oct 30 2007 23:16 GMT irashid
Excellent Autumn Shot !!!
Oct 31 2007 00:15 GMT linnywv PRO
How lucky to have such a view.
Oct 31 2007 03:04 GMT LisaSam67
13 FAVS................?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

*walks away secretly plotting your demise*
Oct 31 2007 04:02 GMT Kaydi
wow, thats absolutly stunning. it's beyond words.

the best picture i have seen so far.
Oct 31 2007 04:15 GMT Poulet PRO
SO gorgeous!!! :))
Oct 31 2007 05:05 GMT LisaSam67
SEEEEEEE.... Best Picture I have Seen So Far.............

ugh.......... hehehehehe...... i love it actually... keep coming by to poke fun at you... but really it's to see it again...... i think i need it framed and hanging up

i'll start the bidding!

um.......... One KENNY!
Oct 31 2007 05:07 GMT LisaSam67
oh CRAPOLA............ did i miss your birthday! you chocolate fish getter you!
hehe i got one the other day too! aren't they good?
well... gonna go crawl in a hole now cause i missed your birthday........ :-s
Oct 31 2007 05:07 GMT LisaSam67
oh and 16 favs now....... ok
really...... i'm going to bed now.....
Oct 31 2007 05:08 GMT LisaSam67
ok i'm back............ did you get pics of the piles???????????????
or the kids in the piles!... throwing leaves up! i've always wanted to do that.....
Oct 31 2007 12:57 GMT jenylew
Lisa, you my little birdie, are hysterical.

Can you believe I did not get the pile shots? But there's lots more to rake this weekend so I will get them then! Kids didn't want to rake - so mean Mommy wouldn't let them jump, so no fun photos for Mommy to take!

I JUST CAN'T GET OVER THE OVERWHELMINGLY KIND FEEDBACK ON THIS LITTLE PHOTO OF MINE. Each and every one of you are just so kind! :-)))))) You have all made this little fotothinger very very happy and humble - thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! :-)
Oct 31 2007 12:59 GMT jenylew
Oh and honey you didn't miss my birthday - remember we are both March babies! That was just me being silly because I got the chocolate fish!!!!!!!! :-)))))))
Oct 31 2007 13:14 GMT blondi1080
Beautiful photo! Fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the leaves : )
Oct 31 2007 13:20 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wow photographic gold!!!! This is just stunning Jenny. Good luck with all that corn! :>O
Oct 31 2007 15:50 GMT zgooz
Oct 31 2007 15:51 GMT zeba
Amazing photo! Incredible colors! Magic! BEST!!!
Oct 31 2007 16:48 GMT jomoud PRO
Autumn in Canada:):)
Spectacular colours
Great shot.
Oct 31 2007 17:39 GMT LisaSam67
LOL...... i thought that was wrong...... hahahaha
love those fish!
up to 20 girl! HOLY COW
Oct 31 2007 20:53 GMT Aviator
very beautiful, nice color tones, well done
Oct 31 2007 22:12 GMT faenzu
very well done!!
Oct 31 2007 22:27 GMT baz0106
Nov 01 2007 00:29 GMT Tavascarow
Nov 01 2007 03:18 GMT photomom
awsome photo
Nov 01 2007 08:19 GMT nzshutter PRO
Outstanding shot Jeny!! These are such vivid colours. Good job!! :-)
Nov 01 2007 13:22 GMT superlucius
wow great colors
Nov 01 2007 16:16 GMT rock
I love these colours and you're so great to show them!
Nov 01 2007 16:37 GMT adria
splendid colours and image ! congrats :)
Nov 01 2007 16:47 GMT santaslittlehelper
Just like everbody I totally have fallen in love with this picture.... faved 4 sure !!
Great that the best 'shots' are literally right around the corner !! FUNFUNFUN
Hope you win the competitions.. YOU MUST ! And if you don't it got U a well deserved all black chocofish *****CONRGATS****
Nov 01 2007 17:58 GMT figur56
Great shot!!!!!
Nov 01 2007 18:01 GMT therese48
Nov 01 2007 18:30 GMT mjpauliene
wow, what a lot of comments you have haha...
well done, beautifull way of showing the Autumn
Nov 01 2007 19:16 GMT Kikuso
WAW, this is soooo beautiful!
Nov 01 2007 22:39 GMT LisaSam67
wow woman! :-)
had to come check stats on it....... hehe it's been fun watching it climb!
Nov 03 2007 16:14 GMT Mia87
amazing , one of the best autumn shots I've ever seen !

just WOW
Nov 07 2007 13:19 GMT suzannesmash
AWWWW, congrats to 2nd place with this beautiful autumn picture
Nov 07 2007 15:09 GMT Todd
Congradulations Jenny, this is certainly a beautiful picture.
Nov 07 2007 15:28 GMT armywife94e
Congrats Jen on 2nd... but I still think this should have placed first!!!
Nov 07 2007 15:31 GMT jenylew
Very sweet of you, hon. :-) 2nd is just perfect for me! :-)) I'm in excellent company!
Nov 07 2007 17:22 GMT Felixthecat
Nov 07 2007 17:57 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Congratulations - I knew this was a great picture!
Nov 07 2007 21:41 GMT santaslittlehelper
Nov 07 2007 22:26 GMT martini957
Congratulations on this beautiful foto
Nov 07 2007 22:49 GMT nicoalfredo
BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 08 2007 00:22 GMT zeba
Congradulations Jenny with second place in competition!!! we arevery glad as regards this!!! of course, was wish you to be first with your incredible image. you are first for us!!! best wishes for you!
Nov 08 2007 01:56 GMT Jaapie PRO
YES!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 19:21 GMT Petra17
Congratulations Jen....well done!
Nov 13 2007 20:24 GMT LisaSam67
shoulda been first in my opinion ;-)
Nov 20 2007 11:43 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Congraulations on getting 2nd with this impressive pic Jenny. :>D
Dec 22 2007 18:35 GMT sissi27
great great picture
Jan 09 2008 21:32 GMT wagnerleonardo
What a lovely yard you have my friend...very very beautiful.My fav too.
Jan 09 2008 22:04 GMT jenylew
Thank you, my friend.
Wow! I am just amazed at how much people like my back yard!
I think I will have a party here next year so you all can see it for real! :-)))))
Jan 09 2008 23:43 GMT wagnerleonardo
Don`t forget to invite me, I just love parties...
Apr 06 2008 18:31 GMT lorenzinho
wonderful colours! I would like to be there!
Apr 18 2008 17:05 GMT walkingonair
colours on this photo are fantastic !
May 30 2008 09:24 GMT kmphotography
great autumn colors :-)
Nov 21 2008 18:42 GMT h43
Jenny This is fabulous and congrats on the big win in the photo comp.
Nov 28 2008 00:37 GMT dossantos
Stunning colors. Red speaks louder on this nice picture.
Dec 05 2008 14:33 GMT LidiGeorge
nice colors:)
Dec 07 2008 15:42 GMT Educando
Golden picture and colours
Dec 11 2008 11:10 GMT jenylew
Thanks, Educando!
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