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Art Friday. Sorry if you weren't a fan back in the day...this is a link I received earlier in the week from a very dear old friend, and I have been hummin the tune all week...bet you will too!

Dedicate this one to JP who is always makin me laugh! Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2007 16:52 GMT bennystr
At last a true artwork!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Oct 12 2007 16:54 GMT mariazinha32
mahna mahna doo.doo..doo.doo......great Jenny......have a wonderful mahna mahna weekend LOL
Oct 12 2007 17:04 GMT LisaSam67
oh thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so gonna GET YOU FOR THAT!
Oct 12 2007 17:05 GMT LisaSam67
the cat thinks I've lost my mind yet again!
just ran out of the room! :-P
Oct 12 2007 17:39 GMT jenylew
LOL well Benny, the clock was tickin and I had to come up with something...since I am chained to my desk for the day and had that tune stuck in my head i just thought I would stetch the guy out and ta da! Art Friday! :-) Cheers Ben and I wish you a great weekend too! TGIF!
Oct 12 2007 17:52 GMT will
Enjoyed that a lot, and very splendid drawing!... funny & happy W.E. to you too Jen!!
Oct 12 2007 17:55 GMT bennystr
TGIF indeed :-)
Oct 12 2007 18:44 GMT jomoud PRO
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Certainly a uplifting entry for this week's theme.
Yes I am back, albeit in a somewhat limited capacity for now:)
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!
Oct 12 2007 18:49 GMT rainbow71
Brilliant, I am guessing animal. Well done, have a great weekend.
Oct 12 2007 18:59 GMT henrybohawk
the question is --what is a "Mahna Mahna"?

lol--precious mem'ries!--thanks
Oct 12 2007 19:20 GMT JPHarr


Hahaha! I think I'll spend the rest of the day doing this. =)

Here's something for you: That Mahna-Mahna song we used to sing with the word "phenomenon" and that tune was always the elevator music that played at the theater before the movies on dollar night. So we'd be in there, being dumbasses, singing the Phenom-enon" song, and making bets on the blobs that traversed the screen. We'd have "blob races." They had a bubble / blob thing, two layers, one going from right to left across the screen, and another layer going the other direction. One of us would pick a blob as it entered the view, and the other of us would choose another at the same time, and the losing blob chooser would get a tittie twister or something like that. Keep in mind that I was about 15. I'm not really get into tittie twisters anymore...!
Oct 12 2007 19:27 GMT Molly PRO
One of the best-ever Muppet routines ever...and I loved Statler and Waldorf at the end of the clip!!
I have the 1st season of The Muppet Show on DVD...I think I need to dig that out this weekend.
Oct 12 2007 20:11 GMT jenylew
LOL JP - I can believe you did that for sure!
Picture me and 20 other 17 year old "meat heads" out in the great Canadian wilderness on a school canoe trip. One guy in our class, actually looked damned year identical to the muppet above. We were all at that really stupid really exhausted 3rd day of a 4th day trip, in the rain for the 3rd day of a 4th day trip...and this guy suddenly stands up in his canoe at the front of the pack and yells to me (at the back of the pack, of course) "Hey Jen.....MAHNA MAHNAAAAAA...and every single person in every single canoe sang "doo doooooo di do do...and then again yells MAHNA MHANAAAA and everyone...well you know. Brought the life back into us pathetic canoers who were really far more skilled at smoking and drinking than a day of physical activity.

It of course it all went to hell in the end, 'cause at 4:00am we were all still WIDE AWAKE and singing it. Teachers became ugly at that point. Not a good scene. :-)
Oct 12 2007 20:17 GMT Tavascarow
Wonderful entry.
Great song.
I used to sing it to my daughter when she was little but I used phenomena instead of Mahna Mahna.
Excellent cartoon.
Have a great weekend yourself my friend.
Oct 12 2007 20:44 GMT jenylew
Thanks Ts! :-) Not sure about the toon talent, but it was fun to take a break and draw him out! The Sharpie was very busy here for about 4 minutes! :-) Cheers, my friend!
Oct 12 2007 21:04 GMT megmet PRO
Wonderful Jen..! If this were still on the TV then I'd be watching it for sure.

Have a great weekend.
Oct 12 2007 21:38 GMT grumpyoldtrout
The Muppets, I used to watch them every week,, animal was my favourite ( Cos I looked like him) lol

Superb entry.
Oct 12 2007 21:53 GMT armywife94e
LOL This is soooo cute!!!!
Oct 12 2007 22:09 GMT Bellavista
Ohh thank you Jeny! I enjoyed that so much! Muppet show was my favorite many many years ago...............:-)))) Have a nice weekend!
Oct 12 2007 23:41 GMT Jaapie PRO
Oh my gosh...crack me up or what!!!!
Oct 12 2007 23:49 GMT backstreets PRO
The question is...what is a Mana Mana ??
i love that one....excellent entry
have a nice weekend
Oct 12 2007 23:50 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wow girl I think you've found your calling!! Look how reasistic that picture is wow it's so lifelike.


Ma na ma na
do doo doo doo doo
ma na ma na
doo doo doo doooooooo

Oct 12 2007 23:57 GMT Detalhes
cool idea lol Great entry!
Oct 13 2007 00:16 GMT Kermit11
Hey MOM - Very Cool Picture - You're an artist!!!!
Oct 13 2007 01:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO

our kids landed on either side of the muppets so we didn't have much exposure to it but this is great!!
Oct 13 2007 06:31 GMT Londi PRO
Pretty funny Jenylew & JP!!!
Now I had a visual of the canoe trip! LMAO!!! oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a wonder you all didn't go swimming right then!!
Thanks for the laughs guys!! You' DA best!
Oct 13 2007 12:39 GMT LizSA
LOL... manha manha .. Thx for the fun,, and the schooldays memories :-))
good fun we had out of your drawing...!
Oct 13 2007 17:36 GMT JPHarr
Reading all these comments, it appears that the Mahna-Mahna song is an international favorite! Just think, thanks to you, how many people were singing or humming or trying to get that song out of their heads. The canoe trip story is great!
Oct 14 2007 01:53 GMT armywife94e
P.S. Jen...I watched the muppets video on you tube ( i was born in 74 so i remember them)....but thanks to you I have had that song stuck in my head all day LOL...
Oct 14 2007 03:43 GMT Poulet PRO
This is SO COOL!, Jenny!!!
And a great song! :))))
Oct 15 2007 15:57 GMT hevychevy PRO
great drawing Jen :)) LOL
Oct 15 2007 19:46 GMT h43
This is fantastic Jenny, I have been sitting here chuckling away and singing with the muppets. I can't believe I am doing it but I am. Fantastic.....Love the sense of humour.
Oct 16 2007 14:34 GMT hbla PRO
hahahaaa! awesome art! and damnit, gotta go before I can read all the comments but SO far I'm laughing myself out the door heehee.
Oct 16 2007 18:38 GMT BobdeGroot
Did you draw it yourself Jeny ? Good work :)
Oct 17 2007 20:05 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...very coooooool:-))