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On my walk the other day, surveying wind damage - I suddenly had that feeling...do you see the peeping Tom? Try original if you want...

Remember this song?

Hate it, but couldn't help singing it: (sorry if it's stuck in your head, too)

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 15 2008 00:16 GMT bennystr
Such a lovely view!
Yep, it's us watching you... on daily bases... :-)
Jan 15 2008 00:40 GMT TiaMaria
Great! Now that song is in my head!! Thanks for the B'Day greetings!! xoxo
Jan 15 2008 00:45 GMT jenylew
Hey - yerrrr welcome. I always have the very best wishes for those whom are older than I ;-))) tee hee
Jan 15 2008 01:23 GMT Jaapie PRO
Ahhh, he's just horsin' around with ya!!!
Jan 15 2008 01:23 GMT Jaapie PRO
Yes, Happy Birthday!!!!!
Jan 15 2008 01:25 GMT Jaapie PRO
Funny!!!!!! I drove past your road on the way home tonight, and I could have sworn I saw a horse standing at the end of the road "watching me" go by!!!!!
Jan 15 2008 01:28 GMT Jaapie PRO
He must've just been coming home from Timmy's.
Jan 15 2008 01:36 GMT TiaMaria
Oh sure, rub it in! Didn't your mother teach you to be nice to your elders!!
Jan 15 2008 02:01 GMT JPHarr
I think that's a great song. Reminds me of one of my best times of my young adulthood. I think.... What year is this from? 1984, right?

Quick, everybody! How old were you in 1984? I was a 20-year-old without a clue, but having a great time. =)
Jan 15 2008 02:14 GMT Jaapie PRO
I was 24 in '84...and listening to this......

Jan 15 2008 02:21 GMT jenylew
You must might be right about that. I would have been in grade 8 then - and my memory of this song was singing it in science lab, while mixing some serious shit together. As I recall the tale, we were singing, and really not paying close enough attention...and the ongoing joke went something like this - "I always feel like....(kaboom) (oh shit) "somebodys watching me....." heh heh.

Ummm, I was 12?
Jan 15 2008 02:24 GMT jenylew
Oh oh oh...we are so related! That is STILL one of my fav songs / bands! Thanks for that link - adding it to my faves! Awesome, Jake!
Jan 15 2008 02:30 GMT JPHarr
I was into these guys:
and these:
and these:

Gotta stop! I could sit here all night. Maybe I should grab a beer and sit here all night.... =)
Jan 15 2008 02:45 GMT jenylew
LOL I am too! But drinking a hot toddie 'cause I am christly ill.

Ugh, youtube is going to be the death of me!
Jan 15 2008 02:50 GMT JPHarr
Okay, I ran out and moved the trailer before we got more snow (have to use the trailer tomorrow), and then I grabbed some cake and hot tea, and I'm back!

Haha! I'll quick post some new fotos, and then I'm off to bed....
Jan 15 2008 02:50 GMT jenylew
Damnit! Again, I can't get to one of your links! First one, what was it? I was able to hit Supertramp and Genesis...(which by the way are excellent choices, hang on I've got some too!)
Jan 15 2008 03:05 GMT jenylew
Jan 15 2008 03:14 GMT JPHarr
The first one (which worked for me again) was The Tubes / Talk To Ya Later.
Let me check out your most xcellent choices. *putting on headphones*
Jan 15 2008 03:20 GMT jenylew
Jan 15 2008 03:22 GMT wifey
I see him...all snuggly and warm in his horse blanket...what a novel idea. :)
Jan 15 2008 03:23 GMT wifey
Jan 15 2008 03:26 GMT jenylew
I remember this one! I never ever knew who sang it! Thanks, Tracey!
Jan 15 2008 03:29 GMT JPHarr
Sweetness! Sting was always mister cool, and didn't get enough credit for it. Styx, Paradise Theater, one of my faves, too!
And we can't leave out this group:
though I think this more current stuff by them is rockin', too:
any other fans out there of this stuff?
Jan 15 2008 03:31 GMT JPHarr
Jan 15 2008 03:43 GMT jenylew
Ha!!!!!!!!!! Whip it!!!! Another Dot? Mmmm, maybe not...

Def Leppard will never die. That didn't belong in the 80's...too classic and too quality. Awesome!

Alan Parsons is still one of my #1 faves. I think it was one of the first albums I ever owned.
Jan 15 2008 04:05 GMT JPHarr
My first record: Steve Miller Band / Book Of Dreams.
When I was 14 or so, I had to get permission to spend that kind of crazy money, but my parents let me purchase a master pressing LP of Dark Side Of The Moon. I still have it. Somewhere....
Jan 15 2008 06:04 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Snow Capture!!!!!
Jan 15 2008 06:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jan 15 2008 07:03 GMT Carlimauda
Ohhhh wow a 80 survival....btw nice photo
Jan 15 2008 07:53 GMT rock
Jan 15 2008 10:23 GMT Carlimauda
I mean REVIVAL of course.....hahahaha
Jan 15 2008 10:56 GMT Jaapie PRO
OK, let's tone it down a bit...my all time fav........

Jan 15 2008 11:32 GMT Jaapie PRO
OK, and this is my #2 all time fav...

Jan 15 2008 12:56 GMT jenylew
Awesome picks, Jake! 'specially Billy! He's right up on my list, too. Elton was looking particularly dazzling in that vid, wasn't he? Tee hee. I went and saw Elton in Ottawa a year and a half ago - one of the best shows ever. He is truly magnificent.
Jan 19 2008 18:16 GMT hbla PRO
aaaa youtubARAMA!!!!!!
now you got THAT darn tune ringing in my head lol.

oh yeah, spotted the peeper but I cheated heeeeeee!