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Today, I am booking my flights to visit Carolyn and Deb. Seriously!!!

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2007 14:21 GMT armywife94e
woohoo you have the same temp as us.. 6f or -14c ...nice warm day isnt it LOL
Nov 28 2007 14:22 GMT jenylew
LOL F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-freezing!

Dawson went out.....sniffed.....came right back in. Now he's snuggled here in my lap. We are soooooooo not going out today!
Nov 28 2007 14:26 GMT armywife94e
LOL...My husband has the whole month of december off of work (he had 2 days off after getting back, then had to go back to work ugh)...I told him Im not leaving the house its too cold, we will spend our vacation in the livingroom LMAO
Nov 28 2007 14:28 GMT sini
Nov 28 2007 14:36 GMT JPHarr
It was 19 F here this morning. I went out barefoot and in my cute little lounge pants and a t-shirt to get a load of firewood. Weird thing is that it didn't feel that cold. Maybe the air is really dry and that's why. Maybe it's just that I'M weird. =)
Nov 28 2007 14:42 GMT Carlimauda
Wow that is real cold. He.......do you have skype????
Nov 28 2007 14:54 GMT jenylew
Ooo thats cold enough too - barefoot and cute lounge pants, eh?

I just checked, your humidity is at 63%, but up here is 87%. That IS the difference! :-)
Nov 28 2007 15:30 GMT JPHarr
My personal humidity?? And you seem rather steamy.
Nov 28 2007 15:48 GMT jenylew
LOL there's nothing steamy about it, I'm afraid!
Nov 28 2007 16:19 GMT Tavascarow
Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
Nov 28 2007 17:12 GMT mariazinha32
im feeling the cold overhere LOL
Nov 28 2007 17:12 GMT LisaSam67
49 at 8am here today NEENER NEENER NEENER
Nov 29 2007 00:19 GMT Jaapie PRO
This morning in B'ville was -8'C, Ottawa was -15'C...I always tell them at work that I live in the tropics!!!! They hate that!
Nov 29 2007 04:20 GMT rainbow71
Rather you than me. It never gets below 0'C here in Auckland.
Yesterday it was 23'c
Nov 29 2007 12:16 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Brrrrr...colder there than here even jen...yeah Florida sounds good right about now...maybe I'll go visit my son for Christmas...ummm for 3 or 4 monthes...lol:-))
Nov 30 2007 08:13 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
You can have some of our summer swelter if you like......no really........TAKE IT.........please..........take it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.............AAARRGGHHHHH.
Dec 01 2007 11:54 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
YAYYY!!! When's your flight???
Aug 23 2011 09:42 GMT lyylww