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Great idea, Joe!

Make yours here:


***EDIT*** have to add TiaMaria to the Fav Couz list - she's a bit shy and hasn't put any photos up yet - but she's heeeerrrrreeeeee! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2007 01:31 GMT LisaSam67
hehe HI YOU
Oct 22 2007 01:32 GMT armywife94e
LMAO!!!! Did you enjoy the day? was it as beautiful up your way as it was here....but i checked the weather and its suppose to start getting cold this week .... my hubby called tonight he will be home nov. 12 .... geeez im so excited i cant sit still lol
Oct 22 2007 01:35 GMT jenylew
OMG the 12th...t-minus 21 sleeps to go!

Wasn't that a glorious day?? I took a crapload of photos but once I got on here and saw the ID thing I had to do that instead!
You gotta make one! Links up there ^ !! :-)
Oct 22 2007 01:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
omg - what a pedigree!!
Oct 22 2007 01:45 GMT jenylew
LOL - I have serious connections here, Bill! :-) It's a family addiction! :-)
Oct 22 2007 02:24 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Oct 22 2007 02:39 GMT PhotoPro PRO
maybe you can get a "family" discount! LOL
Oct 22 2007 02:50 GMT fotothinger
Oct 22 2007 03:27 GMT gtc126
Well I learned something...I did not know you were Petra17's daughter......Super Creation!!!
Oct 22 2007 03:54 GMT jenylew
Well there ya go, Glenn! You learn something new every day, my friend!
Oct 22 2007 04:19 GMT larrybenedict
March 19th...hmmm.....the anniversary of my paternal Grandmother's birthday!
Oct 22 2007 08:02 GMT LizSA
Hi there .. this is a sweet ID for a FT addict..
we like to see real facts.. :-)
Oct 22 2007 08:09 GMT maxelkat
# It's a family affair, it's a family affair #
Oct 22 2007 11:07 GMT backstreets PRO
A great ID !!!!!!
Oct 22 2007 12:44 GMT Bellavista
LOL Jen, we all are addict from FT! :-)))
...and from this montage program....:-)))
Oct 22 2007 13:50 GMT Arik77
You too ?! .....
Great !
Oct 22 2007 13:55 GMT jenylew
Yeppers, Arik.
Where's yours? Come on, don't be shy........
Oct 22 2007 13:58 GMT AlisonBelinda
Hiya Jeny :o)
Oct 22 2007 14:23 GMT hevychevy PRO
Don't you wish we would all admit it Jen , great ID :)
Oct 22 2007 14:57 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Nice one!
Oct 22 2007 16:52 GMT JPHarr
I see that it was Take Fotos Like A Pirate Day where you live.


So the new guy was asking the old pirate about pirate life, and ~ golly! ~ it sure did sound exciting!
"But, say, what about that peg leg, sir?"
"Aye, I knew ye'd be asking about that. Not to make too much of it, but it got lopped off'n me torso during a sword fight, lad. I grabbed for the thing, but it went over the side of the ship and t'was eaten up by a shark!"
"Wow! That's incredible! So tell me, what about that there hook where your hand should be?"
"Well, not one to easily part with me leg, I tried to get it back from the shark, but the shark got me hand, too. Lucky to come back up to fight another day, I'yam."
"No way! Boy, that is some story! Now what about that eye patch you're wearing? Did the shark cause that, too?"
"Aaargh! Me eye be me most dreaded loss. No, no shark been chompin' me eye. Sadly, a bird shat upon me eyeball, and I lost it then."
"What? You can't have me believe that you survived sword fights, shark attacks, and who knows what else, but that a bit of bird crap in your eye made you blind...?!"
"Aye, that's what I mean to tell ye. See, it was me first day with me new hook...."
Oct 22 2007 17:23 GMT jenylew
LMFiretruckingAO! Never read a joke so well told!

Shit, just now I was munching on veggie sticks while reading, and laughed so hard that I've shat carrot shards via my nose! :-) How's that for a visual?

FINALLY someone noticed my cool Snoop-Pirate-Football shirt! Daughter found that for me...yo ho ho!!!!
Oct 22 2007 17:25 GMT sini
Great card!:)
Oct 22 2007 17:41 GMT kimbob
I like your card! Great job
Oct 22 2007 17:47 GMT hans55 PRO
good ID !! ... addicted familly !! :-))
Oct 22 2007 17:52 GMT mariazinha32
Oct 22 2007 18:36 GMT JPHarr
Very, very nice visual! When that happens, do you have to blow or wipe your nose? Are you a folder or a wadder when you find that your nostrils are all beshit with carrot?
Oct 22 2007 18:37 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful card!
Oct 22 2007 18:40 GMT jenylew

OMG thats funny. New word!!!!!!

Oct 22 2007 19:10 GMT megmet PRO
Nice one Jen. :-)
Oct 22 2007 19:34 GMT Elise
Very nice ID.....well done!
Oct 22 2007 20:57 GMT JPHarr
I first read that word in a horrible book called The Sot-Weed Factor.

Here's a quick overview:
Oct 22 2007 22:48 GMT BobdeGroot
I see you are an addict too Jeny, so welcome to the club also :))
Oct 22 2007 23:20 GMT Jaapie PRO
Once again...you and all the above posts manage to crack me up royally!!!!!! Excellent work, Jen.

Oh yes...taking pics in K'ville again t'day......
Oct 22 2007 23:25 GMT jenylew
Hey Jake.
Did you read the joke from my great pal JP?
He's hilarious.
Any more horses at Timmies?
I see your baby sis is prowling around in the shadows, here...
Hmmmmm all we need is Yvonneke now!!!
Oct 23 2007 00:08 GMT Jaapie PRO
That joke is priceless....copied and pasted.......(hope he don't mind!!)

I thought that was her, but wasn't too sure...
Oct 23 2007 03:03 GMT hbla PRO
Oct 23 2007 03:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Very cool card jen.. LMBO at JP:-))
Oct 23 2007 08:15 GMT nzshutter PRO
Super badge Jeny! This is a great bit of madness going on! :-)))
Oct 23 2007 13:15 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oct 23 2007 14:20 GMT senna3
Hello Jeny, nice to see you on this excellent ID card!
Oct 23 2007 18:14 GMT Bowser
I love it, these cards are all so unique like the members, great.
Oct 24 2007 02:34 GMT wifey