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come and sit for a minute

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Experimenting with B & W:

My favourite place to sit and visit. A bench in my back
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2007 18:31 GMT armywife94e
Very nice..i love black and white..i especially love doing b&w 's with a focal color
Nov 07 2007 18:31 GMT Petra17
Great composition Jen...I like it.
Nov 07 2007 18:32 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Perspective in B&W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 07 2007 18:33 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Time to relax....great composition, treatment!
Nov 07 2007 18:34 GMT hans55 PRO
very good experiment !!
Nov 07 2007 18:56 GMT YesHello
i'll be right over jen!!!
Nov 07 2007 18:59 GMT brendamc
I remember taking a similar photo in your back yard a few years ago only in colour. I love the b&w. Alovely photo Jen.
Nov 07 2007 19:00 GMT jenylew
Cool, I'm making coffee & Baileys! With whippy cream on top!
Nov 07 2007 19:05 GMT TiaMaria
Enuf for me too, please!
Nice B&W shot, Jen!
Nov 07 2007 19:24 GMT Tavascarow
Excellent editing.
Great composition.
Nov 07 2007 19:41 GMT YesHello
mmmmmm sounds great!!!
Nov 07 2007 19:49 GMT sini
Very nice!:)
Nov 07 2007 19:53 GMT henrybohawk
similar to my fench in my backyard-----i like it!
Nov 07 2007 19:54 GMT henrybohawk
Nov 07 2007 20:10 GMT JPHarr
I was gonna say, got any coffee? I'll bring bagels! =)
Nov 07 2007 20:15 GMT jenylew
Sounds good.

I have cream cheese, and home made Strawberry freezer jam for the bagels. Mmmm and with that we must have super garlic Strubbs!!!

It's so damned cold here today we may need some firewhiskey, too. Will pick up some on my way home.

Anyone else coming for a sit?

Nov 07 2007 20:16 GMT AlisonBelinda
Great detail in black and white.
Nov 07 2007 20:23 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh I'm coming jen...I need to sit. REALLY.
Nov 07 2007 20:35 GMT JPHarr
I just picked up six six-packs of the most yummy and delicious beers I could find. At $8.50 per six, they'd better be good! Actually, that's what I always enjoy, because life is too short to drink cheap beer. I'm heading up to the cabin for the weekend as soon as the 5:00 o'clock whistle blows. Anyway, I can probably share a few with anybody who likes beer that requires chewing....

But I have to know: Understanding bagels, cream cheese and strawberry freezer jam, I got stuck on the "super garlic Strubbs."

Wait a minute, I just googled it, and it appears that you would like some pickles, is that right? Awesome! It's good to know somebody else who appreciates that sweet/sour or sweet/hot combos are da bomb!
Nov 07 2007 20:41 GMT jenylew
Bingo -
The really juicy yummy refridgerated kind. Makes your eyes roll, they're so sour.
I figured you for the type to appreciate the savoury/sweet thang.

$8.50 per six...what would that be in Canadian dollars now? ;-)
Nov 07 2007 20:42 GMT jenylew
Oh Shari I'm really glad you're coming, hon - 'cause we have leftover Halloween Gummies coming out of our ears - you can have them! :-)
Nov 07 2007 20:53 GMT Sweetoes PRO
OH YAY! I'll be RIGHT there! Yummy!
Nov 07 2007 21:28 GMT santaslittlehelper
Taking the 11:12 pm flight to London Heathrow.. Transfer at 11;23 pm (local time) and arriving at Ottawa airport at 11:35 p.m (local time) !! (Don't you just love timezones). sooooooooo just in time for some hot/sweet/sour treets on your bench. Washing it down with some very taste beer !! YUMMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
Nov 07 2007 21:42 GMT mariazinha32
great mood in this one....looks awesome in b&w
Nov 07 2007 22:41 GMT Kaatje
Colin I'll pick you up at the Ottawa airport on the way down....going right by it. Bring your jammies and go through the Duty Free for some more Bailey's. Me thinks that by the time we get there these partying sorts will have drank all the good stuff. Hope that beer is CANADIAN or DUTCH our American friend!! I like the bench, Jen, but do you have a fireplace. It's chilly out !!!
Nov 07 2007 22:56 GMT LisaSam67
Nov 07 2007 23:54 GMT zeba
amazing photo!!! just perfect!!!
Nov 08 2007 01:51 GMT Jaapie PRO
I sense a party coming on! I'm in!
Nov 08 2007 01:56 GMT jenylew
Hop on the bus, Cuz! (Shit, it almost rhymed...)
Nov 08 2007 02:09 GMT TiaMaria
Don't think that pretty little bench is gonna hold all of us!
Nov 08 2007 05:46 GMT voodoo23
nice old style
Nov 08 2007 06:25 GMT losp
As if being forlornly lonely and abandoned .. Great b/w expression !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 08 2007 08:14 GMT Carlimauda
Where is the party, is there also room for me? Great picture, suits perfect above my dining table
Nov 08 2007 10:43 GMT jenylew
There is most definately room for you, Carla - i have other benches!
Take the picture for your over your dining table, if you wish! It'd be an honour! :-)

Nov 08 2007 11:31 GMT Studio88
This is an Awesome B&W!!!
If I run into you, you'll know me - I'm a cross between Yul Brenner and Triple X. - LOL
Nov 08 2007 11:32 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Wow this is fantastic, I really like the contrast!
Nov 08 2007 12:25 GMT SIGMUND
Great composition dear jenny!!!!!
Nov 08 2007 12:32 GMT Carlimauda
please sent me by e-mail
Nov 08 2007 13:16 GMT senna3
Excellent and very artistic result!
Nov 08 2007 17:18 GMT jceca PRO
hellooooo jen ... time for another coffee !!! :-)
beautiful, just beautiful .....
Nov 08 2007 22:15 GMT Truckerchris
Nov 09 2007 06:18 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
A work of art!!!! This is lovely.
Nov 09 2007 08:48 GMT caferr
nice shot...
Nov 09 2007 15:39 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful genre photo!
Nov 10 2007 10:35 GMT eleni78 PRO
fantastic image!
Nov 12 2007 03:28 GMT hbla PRO
this is your back yard!

*dying of jealousy*

I want a bench like this!

beautiful experimenting, this is gorgeous :)
Nov 12 2007 08:45 GMT Londi PRO
I love this! :+}
Nov 12 2007 10:25 GMT bennystr
Just wonderful!
Nov 20 2007 08:40 GMT znacke
Fantastic work...great tone....
May 20 2008 19:05 GMT felixdakilla
Nov 15 2008 16:39 GMT FLiNduR
great picture :)
Apr 03 2009 09:37 GMT photo507
good composition, setup..perfect :)
Apr 09 2009 04:17 GMT Diva PRO
Says so much.
May 20 2009 05:53 GMT Liebenberg1312
Sep 27 2009 10:22 GMT mbz
Jun 04 2010 12:41 GMT elena1
amazing shot
Mar 14 2015 12:21 GMT dallasdraggett
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