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I have just received my most excellent birthday present EVER! After a journey of nearly 3,000 miles over mountains, Great Lakes, frozen tundra and forests deep, it's arrived!!!!!!!!!

My sweet friend Londi sent me a beautiful piece of her world - some of her BEACH GLASS!! She sent it in this wonderful old milk bottle, which to me is just the perfect thing to display it in!

Ain't it beautiful???

The best part of all of it is that I have found such a beautiful friend, too!

Thank you, Londi girl! I just love it! I have the perfect spot for it which I will show you a bit later! Must get to work but wanted everyone to see my awesome new FT prezzie! ;-) Ciao for now!

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 08 2008 12:21 GMT senna3
Great gift indeed, wonderful!
Apr 08 2008 12:27 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wonderful gift, ain't FT great :-))
Apr 08 2008 12:38 GMT TiaMaria
Very pretty!! I love the colours!
Apr 08 2008 12:41 GMT will
What a precious & beautiful b'day gift! Really cool Jen! :)
Apr 08 2008 12:42 GMT sini
Wonderful gift!:)
Apr 08 2008 12:45 GMT henrybohawk
wooooowwwww---what a lovely present---londi rules!
Apr 08 2008 13:09 GMT jenylew
FT is great, Roger! You've got that right, my friend! ;-)
Apr 08 2008 13:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what a wonderful and beautiful gift from an awesome person
Apr 08 2008 14:48 GMT hevychevy PRO
a colectors dream lovely window piece to catch the sun shine :-)
Apr 08 2008 15:00 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice prezzie you got !!! :-))
Apr 08 2008 15:19 GMT Carlimauda
Very colorful and nice gift!!............first I thought it was candy.......
Apr 08 2008 16:41 GMT armywife94e
Ohhh very pretty...
Apr 08 2008 19:21 GMT rainbow71
It is beautiful, I love sea glass as well, it is so smooth.
Apr 08 2008 22:13 GMT Jaapie PRO
I never heard of "beach glass" before this. Your a lucky one to have received this! Sooooo cool!

I'll be looking for this stuff now!
Apr 09 2008 01:00 GMT gwen83
Its very beautiful, lovely gift:-)))
Apr 09 2008 16:02 GMT Tavascarow
I keep picking up bits of broken pottery I find in gardens when I'm digging but it doesn't look as good as this.
Apr 09 2008 21:30 GMT bennystr
It is beautiful!
Wonderful gift!
Apr 10 2008 02:26 GMT JPHarr
Londi has a way with people, doesn't she? And she included such a nice note in my care package of smoothies, too. Hold the bottle up to your ear and you can hear the ocean.... =)
Apr 11 2008 12:12 GMT hbla PRO
yay it made it!

she's so thoughtful, isn't she?

great display!!
Apr 11 2008 12:48 GMT twsottawan PRO
Well done still life JenyL.
Apr 12 2008 03:31 GMT Londi PRO
Jenny, I love this photo :+) and all the nice words here from all our sweet f/t friends, gosh, I'm speechless.....(it won't last long tho)
Aww, I am so happy that you like it, you're just the bestest!
Apr 12 2008 12:24 GMT palakol
Fabulous Gift.. Lucky You.. c",)
Apr 14 2008 00:26 GMT Studio88
Very Beautiful Gift - Colorful Collection of Beach Glass ;-))
Apr 16 2008 18:20 GMT LisaSam67
that's so cool!!!!!!!!
Apr 17 2008 13:06 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I love this jen! I WANT beach glass tooooooo....lol:-))
Apr 22 2008 07:29 GMT marijke06
wow....can I take londi as a friend?...:)))