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This was an excellent exercise! Thanks JP!!!

(Now, my wallet is all nice and neat and tidy. It closes again!)

You learn a lot about someone by reviewing their wallet. Here's my self summation:

Several local liquor store receipts (LCBO) Is this the sign of a problem? Nahhh...

$5.12 cents CAD, $1.00 US, and .05 cents of Crappy Tire money! (All Canadians know what Crappy Tire money is) Colin in Holland does, too...and JP might....

A rather interesting shopping list??? Looks like I had it in for trees that day...

Shoe Company card is the most worn out card...followed closely by the Coffee Club card.

Pink ribbon, red poppy and Salvation army pins all indicate I am a giver to every cause standing in front of the above mentioned liquor store!

3 Visa cards? Dayam. That's not good at all.

Some key parts and the instructions to a recently confiscated McNasty's toy...mean mother made her eat all the fries, too!

A receipt for very awesome and super cheap fleece riding gloves...cause it's freezing up here! Guess what my sport of choice is? Ya gotta be dedicated to ride in Canadian winters...

A puppy dog tattoo, I got that recently for being a good girl when I received my flu shot. I didn't barf, and I didn't punch the nurse in the nose! Yay!

The winning ticket to this Fridays' 22 Million dollar draw!
Ho ho ho would that ever be awesome! If I win, I'll buy you all a beer!

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2007 16:36 GMT TiaMaria
I must say--- I am worried about those LCBO receipts! Are there ONLY 2???? I think I beat you there!
Nov 28 2007 16:38 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Wow you have a lot of stuff in your wallet.
Nov 28 2007 16:42 GMT armywife94e
you have an EDGE card also LOL WOOHOO
Nov 28 2007 16:43 GMT jenylew
Shhhh Tia, you know damn well there were more...come on couz I have a reputation to maintain, here! :-) *wink*
Nov 28 2007 16:44 GMT jenylew
LOL M, you bet your bippy! We are serious Nascar players here! =)
Nov 28 2007 16:59 GMT maxelkat
Interesting wallet contents :)
Nov 28 2007 17:07 GMT LisaSam67
oh i so wanna play but i so don't wanna clean out my purse which IS my wallet and
i'm just not going there hahahahahahaha

laughing my butt off at your story under the pic though hahahahahahahhhaahaha
Nov 28 2007 17:13 GMT mariazinha32
LOL....great idea.....gotta see what´s in my wallet Too
Nov 28 2007 17:18 GMT hans55 PRO
funny to read your story and all the comments !!! ... why do you carry all these with you ?? :-)))
Nov 28 2007 17:31 GMT JPHarr
Hey, you saved $12 on gloves! That means more Kahlua and vodka from LCBO...!

Um, I don't know what 5 cents of tire money is, nor what one can get in exchange for that smiling Canadian's crappy tire money. What is it?
Nov 28 2007 17:40 GMT jenylew

I thought maybe since you sometimes travel over the border you may have been to a Canadian Tire store. One of the most clever marketing schemes ever born...with each cash purchase you receive 5% of your purchase back in Canadian Tire money, spendable on anything on your next visit.

I worked for Canadian Tire for my entire high school career and partial college career (Age 14 to age 19) and will never forget the day someone came through my cash with $868.55 in Canadian Tire money; mostly in .05 and .10 cent denominations; on December 23rd. (The year escapes me now - 1987 or 1988) The guy had been saving since 1958, and purchased himself a new TV and VCR for Christmas! Hysterical!

Check it out:



Nov 28 2007 17:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yeah ... mine closes now too !!!!
Nov 28 2007 18:10 GMT JPHarr
And I can use Sandy McTire currency on the eBay Canada website, too! Lots of great info at the wiki site. =)
Nov 28 2007 18:40 GMT santaslittlehelper
ROFLMMFAO !! HAHAHA HIHIHIHI and HOHOHOHO. I can't believe they still have CT-money !! And did I see my fav store in the world in your wallet... COTSCO !!! After my last visit the name COTSCO will neverever be the same !!!
Nov 28 2007 18:41 GMT rainbow71
I can't believe you only have one coffee card, last count I had four.
Nov 28 2007 19:07 GMT jenylew

The sad part is, we all still call it that. With the extreme expression in our voice, too! :-))))))))))
Nov 28 2007 19:44 GMT LizSA
this is a very neat handbag..../wallet contents.....
about the winning ticket... COOL.... goodluck...!!
Nov 29 2007 00:15 GMT Jaapie PRO
COTSCO!!! LMAO!!! Just like we used to say WOOLCOS!!!!!
Nov 29 2007 02:24 GMT Jaapie PRO
EB Games??????? LOL!!
Nov 29 2007 12:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Geeesh..lots of stuffs! I don't have a wallet..hehe..I have a purse:-))
Nov 30 2007 08:08 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh my god Jenny thanks for the grand tour of the wally contents. Ooooooooohhhhhh is that a moth flying off! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha & is that cobwebs on the charity items.....hmmmmm. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I think I know you soooooooo much better now. XD XD XD
Nov 30 2007 13:12 GMT hbla PRO
LMAOO!!! you pinch when you get a shot? LMAO'ing AGAIN!

you are so funny!

(and heh heh I'm gonna try it, I HATES shots!)
Nov 30 2007 18:28 GMT gtc126
What no Capital One Credit Card.............Oh no you are going to be run over by the vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have you got in your wallet??????? LOL!!!!!!
Dec 01 2007 11:52 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
LOL!! This is so funny!!! Makes me wonder what's in my wallet... Hey, if you won the lottery, come'on down and visit - you won't need those gloves...but I could really use a beer :))
Dec 01 2007 13:52 GMT wifey
Great idea for true… I don't have such an interesting life… and I don't drink… oh well. Super fun presentation.
Aug 23 2011 09:42 GMT lyylww