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This makes me giggle. One of my favourite parts of Christmas, so I'll share -

In my "office" (living room) we set up our little nativity scene in the window bay. The Zoop always plays with it, has since she was old enough to walk.

It's always interesting to see how they end up after a session of playing. Sometimes the baby Jesus is on the roof, and sometimes riding a cow, one never knows...

Looks to me like they were having a fire drill - everybody out! :-) Or, maybe one of the Wisemen had some of Petras' beans???
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 12 2007 13:38 GMT Petra17
You really are very hilarious...where do you get that???
As for my beans...They are GAS FREE!!!
Dec 12 2007 14:06 GMT granitbiscut
Great pic. I remember playing with ours when i was little as well .
Dec 12 2007 14:19 GMT TiaMaria
LMAO!! You're too funny!!!
Dec 12 2007 14:20 GMT hevychevy PRO
ha ha great thought , we may need a day to day play here Jen :)
Dec 12 2007 14:36 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Great Nativity Scene
Dec 12 2007 14:37 GMT bennystr
Great one :-)
Dec 12 2007 15:30 GMT peterpinhole
Too funny....lovely warm tones to this shot!
Dec 12 2007 15:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great photo ... and brings back memories for me .... we used to put ours in the open fireplace because in the Southern Hemisphere it wasn't in use at christmas .... it seemed a natural place ... framed setting
Dec 12 2007 16:03 GMT JPHarr
I have been collecting odd parts for my own nativity scene. I'll haveta get am image for you.
Dec 12 2007 18:18 GMT rainbow71
Lovely, who needs expensive toys
Dec 12 2007 18:34 GMT Carlimauda
lovely pic.......
Dec 12 2007 20:51 GMT 88keys
LMAO That is hilarious Jen! Beautiful picture!
Dec 12 2007 21:37 GMT Bellavista
This is the most beautiful thing for parentsto look how the children are playing at home and waiting with big eyes for the Xmas present! Lovely serie Jen! :-))
Dec 12 2007 22:40 GMT kimbob
Perhaps you will photo again if there is any significant movement at the scene!!
Dec 12 2007 23:26 GMT mariazinha32
i have to buy a new baby Jesus every year LOL.....leggs broken, arms broken...my dog even maneged to chew on the donkey ?!?!?!?!..........yepppp...thatīs X-mas
Dec 13 2007 00:04 GMT Jaapie PRO
Looks like Mr. Bean's been there!!!!
Dec 13 2007 02:20 GMT LisaSam67
HAHAHAHAHAHA my bets on the beans!!!!!!!!!!!

and GOOD idea cuz!!!!!!
Dec 13 2007 02:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO

I really needed that - thank you!!
Dec 13 2007 04:25 GMT armywife94e
This is so beautiful.. you take such great pics all the time!!!
Dec 13 2007 14:55 GMT hbla PRO
they're scattering!!

heehee, great story :)
Dec 13 2007 15:43 GMT soldier
Thanks for share.... LOVELY!!!!
Dec 13 2007 22:11 GMT santaslittlehelper
HAHAHAHAHA... "Holy Gas Baltazar.... Gold would have been nice as well...."
Dec 14 2007 02:09 GMT Hamin PRO
Jenylew - this is what it is all about - Merry Christ_mas, my friend !
Dec 14 2007 03:57 GMT Londi PRO
Oh man Jenylew, you are hysterically funny! Maybe the beans caused the fire alarm to go off? It's been known to happen, I have seen it with my own eyes! Now I need to have Petra's recipe for gas free beans... pleeeeeease ;+)
Funny how these little things can hold such fond memories. The zoop's a lucky little girl to have such a great mommy!
Dec 14 2007 08:32 GMT hans55 PRO
funny to read this !! :-))
Dec 14 2007 13:33 GMT will
as 3 wisemen approached carrying Frankencence, Myrrh and beano(?)...:))
Dec 15 2007 23:42 GMT zeba
amazing mood shot! incredible work!
Dec 18 2007 00:30 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Shot!!!!!!!