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You know, it's amazing how, once you start getting into photography, you realize what you can do with your pictures! I looked at the Christmas cards in the store, and thought to myself "Self, why are you buying someone else's photo" "Don't be so lazy!"

Last week, Petra invited me (bullied me into it, really) a wreath making class at our church. My pine and balsam trees generously donated the boughs for the whole class...so I figured I'd go and check it out.

Here's my wreath, and I kind of like it! I'm not usually so Martha-ish, but this I do like. I didn't bother with the fancy shmancy bows and ribbons and birds and crap, I just like it plain.

Yes,yes, we are going to do the traditional family photo Christmas card. But I think this photo will be my "Happy Holiday" card. (isn't that the politically correct phrase these days) You know, the card you always need when someone invites you over for Christmas Cheer, and you don't want to give them the dorky photo of yourself card....do I make sense? :-) Or the card to go with the teachers' gifts...you know what I mean.

Is this a blogging site? Whew, good thing with all that blah blah blah-ing, isn't it? ;-)

Happy Holidays, FT friends! In case you're counting, there are 34 more shopping days...
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 20 2007 20:47 GMT hans55 PRO
lots of blah blah !!! :-))
great to read your thoughts !!! ... your right wy buy cards if you make them yourself !!
you created a nice thing !! ..is it for the frontdoor ??
Nov 20 2007 20:47 GMT jenylew
Actually, 34 days is still looooaaadddssss of time. I usually start on the 22nd of December. :-)
Nov 20 2007 20:48 GMT jenylew
Yes Hans it is hanging on the front of the house, beside the front door, actually. Our front door is all glass, which makes hanging a wreath somewhat challenging :-) Thanks!!!
Nov 20 2007 20:49 GMT mariazinha32
LOL.....great blogging here Jen.....34 days....34 days i have to go shopping without my kids...itīs terrible...5 minutes shopping can turn into 3 hours...all those toys !!!!!!!!!!!!....help...need some help....
Nov 20 2007 20:49 GMT mariazinha32
ohh and btw jen ...great effect on your photo sure makes a wonderful x-mas postcard
Nov 20 2007 20:58 GMT jenylew
Tee hee, Maria I hear you. Nightmare!

I have ordered a few things online, but I still get a kick (one day per year only) of browsing the stores, taking in all of the chaos that Christmas has become. I do, however go without children and husband. It's an alone day, maybe thats why I like it so much! :-)
Nov 20 2007 21:04 GMT mariazinha32
Nov 20 2007 22:15 GMT Kaatje
Lovely wreath....do I get this card with some Christmas cheer?
Nov 20 2007 23:04 GMT Bellavista
Nice card Jen! Happy Holidays! :-))
Nov 21 2007 00:10 GMT gafaway
a very lovely wreath...
Nov 21 2007 00:54 GMT jenylew
Nahhh Kaatje you will probably get the dorky family photo card. Sorry about your luck, there, hon. There is always Christmas Cheer being served here, you know that! Pop in's encouraged and expected, and Cheer will always be served - that's our policy! :-)
Nov 21 2007 03:16 GMT Studio88
Jeny, This shot would make a Great Christmas Card!!! Very Beautiful Work!!!
Nov 21 2007 03:46 GMT gwen83
You have make a beautiful Card, so warm...............
Nov 21 2007 04:29 GMT zeba
very nice picture! beautiful wreath!
Nov 21 2007 08:25 GMT maxelkat
Great wreath Jeny. I agree that plain is best, without all the fancy schmancy add-ons
Nov 21 2007 15:08 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yup. This will make an excellent card jen and this is beautiful wreath too:-)))
Nov 21 2007 18:43 GMT jamaboop
Ok you have to go check this out!!!


This would be a great song to accompany this GORGEOUS WREATH AND PHOTO!!
Seriously - go check out that song!!
Nov 22 2007 00:14 GMT gtc126
Petra is exactly right. I believe you can buy cards that have a slot for your photos already.
Nov 22 2007 02:09 GMT jenylew
Oh I love it jama! Thanks!!!
Sending to everyone I know!!!!!!!!!!
That's awesome!
Nov 28 2007 09:02 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oh Jenny that looks wicked & I agree it looks super as it is, nature's own I like it!!