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Everyone, meet "Alishia"
The Zoop named her this morning, after we had our traditional turkey dance.
Alishia is damned near done, I think! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 07 2007 16:19 GMT Foggydew
this is some turkey :)
Oct 07 2007 16:32 GMT BobdeGroot
yes, is really big turkey. Enjoy the dinner :-)
Oct 07 2007 17:01 GMT megmet PRO
Is it Thanksgiving there?..... Just by chance we are having turkey here today too! :-))
Oct 07 2007 17:10 GMT jenylew
Yes, Meg it is Thanksgiving here in Canada.
:-) My once per year Turkey cook! :-)
Oct 07 2007 17:10 GMT jenylew
LOL Thanks Bob!
She is 21.6 pounds, to be exact!
Oct 07 2007 17:17 GMT jenylew
Thanks Foggy, it smells great! ;-)
Come on over if you like, theres' lots!
Oct 07 2007 17:23 GMT YesHello
what time do we eat ????
Oct 07 2007 17:24 GMT mariazinha32
LOL.....great turkey.....happy thanksgiving
Oct 07 2007 17:47 GMT charlotte
Oct 07 2007 17:50 GMT rainbow71
Never had turkey before, can I have some?
Hope you enjoyed it.
Oct 07 2007 17:55 GMT BobdeGroot
When do we eat ? What time is dinner time ?
Oct 07 2007 17:55 GMT brendamc
Enjoy your lovely looking Thanksgiving dinner.
Oct 07 2007 18:09 GMT Midworlder PRO
WOWWWW ... so now I know what happened to Big Bird !!!
Oct 07 2007 19:20 GMT Bellavista
21.6 pounds? Madonna! This is enough for the army! :-))
Oct 07 2007 19:36 GMT bennystr
Happy Thanksgiving Jeny!
And it was nice to meet you Alishia!
Oct 07 2007 21:15 GMT JPHarr
Didj'you have Gramps and Grammy and the whole family over? Happy holiday, bud!
Oct 07 2007 21:35 GMT larrybenedict
I like everything about this picture...especially your comment under the pic. Funny.
Oct 07 2007 21:56 GMT armywife94e
Ohhhhhh I want some....It looks soooo good...and I love your kitchen, it looks cute!!!
Oct 07 2007 22:45 GMT jackbadger56
I love hearing how it's TG in the southern hemisphere.........means summer and long days are on their way for us antipodeans ;-P
Great photo!
Oct 07 2007 23:54 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Holy cow.....I mean whale......I mean turkey that is one big ass birrrd!! That could feed a whole village let alone 17 people!! Did you have to buy a new oven just to fit the sucker? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm coming too I'll start swimming now. *Licks lips*
Oct 07 2007 23:56 GMT Tlhjr
Beautiful!!! Makin me hungry
Oct 08 2007 00:09 GMT Londi PRO
Oct 08 2007 12:46 GMT SIGMUND
Happy Thanksgiving my dear Jeny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 08 2007 13:33 GMT Todd
Looks delicious! I can smell it from here at work lol. Happy Thanksgiving Day, I will have mine when I get home from work after 6pm.
Oct 08 2007 14:02 GMT hbla PRO
oh that looks good!! nice picture!

Oct 08 2007 14:29 GMT jceca PRO
gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy thanksgiving !!!!
Oct 08 2007 15:37 GMT jenylew
lol @ bella - yes this was a big turkey! We were 16 for dinner, but 3 of those were my nephews, aged 15,14, and 12. They eat the equivalent of what 3 normal people eat.
All I have left over is enough to feed the 4 of us tonight.
Oct 08 2007 15:39 GMT jenylew
Thanks JP, yeppers my Mommy and Dad, and husbands' Mom and Dad, brother & spouse and 2 kids and sister & spouse and 2 kids.

Always a blast!

I sent the carcas home with my Mom-in-law because I don't have time for soup making this week (bummer) and there is only enough left for hot turkey sammiches 2 nite! :-) Yummy!
Oct 08 2007 15:42 GMT jenylew
Thanks AW, I love my kitchen too - it's my fav room in the house! I only wish it was about 1000 square feet bigger because everyone always gathers in here, and the rest of the house collects dust. Never fails, last night - 16 people here and everyone has to stand in my 20 square foot kitchen! :-) This bird took up 3 square feet all on her own! :-)
Oct 08 2007 15:43 GMT jenylew
Work? On a Stat? What do you do?

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful thanksgiving, my friend! :-)
Oct 08 2007 15:46 GMT jenylew
Thanks Jack. Weather here has done a complete 360 in the last 48 hours, I think mother nature finally checked her calendar here. Cold, rain, crap!

It makes me feel a little better, knowing at least you are happy with the weather! :-)
Oct 08 2007 15:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Hi "Alishia" !!
I saw that you are in a very cozy place!!!

Happy thanksgiving, Jeny. :))
Oct 08 2007 15:52 GMT jenylew
Thank you so much, sweet Poulet!
Oct 08 2007 16:12 GMT peterpinhole
WOW nicely browned...looks delish...Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your comments! I'd love to see this turkey dance you speak of...:))
Oct 08 2007 16:13 GMT jenylew
Heh heh, Peter!
It isn't pretty. It is just crazy me, with the bird in my arms, one wing in my hand, waltzing.
Oct 08 2007 16:15 GMT peterpinhole
Oct 08 2007 17:25 GMT william22
This one went from "Turkey in the Straw" to "Turkey in the Oven" and on to the table.
Quite the dance for this poor bird! It was delicious though.
Oct 08 2007 20:44 GMT Jaapie PRO
Looks absolutely scrumptious!!!! A feast was had by all!!!
Oct 08 2007 22:10 GMT JPHarr
When I don't have time to properly make a turkey soup, I do find time to boil the carcass and freeze the broth. Then I wait for somebody to get a cold so I can take care of them (just telling 'em it's chicken soup for the placebo effect)...!

Say, I like that brickwork in your kitchen. It looks like there may be a huge tandoori or pizza oven just over there. Yum!
Oct 08 2007 22:24 GMT fourdeadpresidents
That thing is freakin huge!!!!
Oct 09 2007 02:03 GMT juanse
looks tasty and done!!!
Oct 09 2007 03:44 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Golden Brown Turkey.......I love Thanksgiving here in the States.. Turkey and Dressing, cranberry Sauce, Oh man I am getting Hungery just talking about it>>
Oct 09 2007 03:49 GMT gtc126
Happy Thanksgiving Jeny, and all from Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 09 2007 12:15 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wow! That looks GOOD !! YummmY!!!
Oct 09 2007 12:19 GMT jenylew
Thanks Glen, for all of your very kind comments!
Oct 10 2007 12:42 GMT Tavascarow
Damn that looks good.
Oct 10 2007 16:38 GMT Molly PRO
Alishia looks delish....hope she was. :-) And a happy belated thanksgiving. (I always forget that Canada's Turkey-day is so long before ours.)

Is the turkey dance anything like the chickens/turkeys dancing in Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video? Our turkey always does that dance before it gets stuffed.
Oct 10 2007 16:51 GMT jenylew
Thanks Molly, and Yeppers - Alicia dances just like that, AND I usually take her in my arms and waltz her around the kitchen, too!

LMAO I forgot how screwed up that video is...for old times sake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqyc37aOqT0
Apr 16 2008 20:25 GMT LisaSam67
where's your X picture for the forum alphabet game! lol we're there already haha