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11 years old jceca ( in blue ) and her best school friend nataša.

fashion designer / stylist at work !!!!!!!!!!!
( it was one of my dreams )

and yes, there are some candies in that crystal bowl !!! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2007 23:38 GMT Milibuh
Bella la nińa de azul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 10 2007 23:44 GMT Vasca
Beautiful girls!!
And did you finally became a fashion designer or stylist??
Sep 10 2007 23:47 GMT jceca PRO
noup, never had a chance ...
no that kind of school in my town ... :S
Sep 10 2007 23:52 GMT Vasca
Oh what a pity! And what did you do?
Sep 11 2007 00:00 GMT jceca PRO
better don't ask ... even i don't like the answer ...
i'm an economist ( hate that ) with no job !!!!
Sep 11 2007 00:13 GMT Vasca
An economist!!!! Wow! That's great!! Although it has nothing in common with the career you wanted to study!
But don't worry! You'll get a job son!! :o)
Sep 11 2007 00:17 GMT iyerhari
very good collection for the theme..
Sep 11 2007 00:17 GMT abojovna PRO
11 years old jceca - like my granddoughter Rosalie in present! Lovely smile face! I like your embroidery at table!

Nice entry!
Sep 11 2007 00:23 GMT mavik
A frustrated fashion designer! Do you know that there are fashion designers who are successful even without formal education on this course? Of course it will help a lot with a good background on this subject but why not pursue it now? It's not too late I think to make your dreams come true! :)

Beautiful picture of you and your best friend!
Sep 11 2007 00:28 GMT jceca PRO
i know mavik, but this is a strange country ... long story, but impossible ... even those educated ones are trying to run away from here ...

thanks anyway ... :-)
Sep 11 2007 00:33 GMT aquiles PRO
HOLA LINDA "CHAMITA" jceca !!!!!!!!!
Sep 11 2007 00:43 GMT junne PRO
vasca has not noticed yet, that there is no chance to get a job in economics when you are full time employed in fotothing
handsome chic by the way. and what became of natasha?
Sep 11 2007 01:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
you have always been adorable!!!!

here's hoping a job just "lands" in your lap!
Sep 11 2007 01:54 GMT jceca PRO
she is that interpreter for chinese !!! do you remember i mentioned you before ?
no job either !!!
Sep 11 2007 02:16 GMT hevychevy PRO
looks like a great memorie to remember Jceca are you still good friends or have you drifted apart with time :))
Sep 11 2007 02:24 GMT jceca PRO
she moved.
Sep 11 2007 02:46 GMT hevychevy PRO
that is sad , but its life we all seam to make good friends just to move on to make more friends which is the happy side of the coin :))
Sep 11 2007 03:25 GMT monica
hola Svetlana!!! te queda lindo el azul :)
me convidas un caramelo del pasado? :)
Sep 11 2007 04:02 GMT pp11364
Splendid shot.
Sep 11 2007 06:08 GMT tacka
sweet memoris ... pa odlično izgledate vas dvojica ... šta ste napravile - koliko puta su manekeni izlazili ????
Sep 11 2007 09:58 GMT zukica
eeee, davno bese... boze, koliko sve brzo prolazi.... ;((
Lepa uspomena u svakom slucaju!!!
Sep 11 2007 10:07 GMT gwen83
You are a beautifull girl, a very good memory:)))
Sep 11 2007 11:12 GMT sweetjane
hehehe...............lovely girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sep 11 2007 14:26 GMT Empty
It's a lovely memory Jceca....you both have sweetness written in your smiles..as if to say.....The lid is coming off that candy dish any second now...:))))
Sep 11 2007 14:27 GMT jceca PRO
eh, puno pitaš ... davno to beše ... ali sam sigurna da su izlazili bar 50 puta !!! :D
Sep 11 2007 14:28 GMT jceca PRO
yesss, Empty :-))
thank you
Sep 11 2007 14:37 GMT jenylew
Adorable memory photo.
Hey - what are you going to put up here next, for # 900!!!!!!
Sep 11 2007 14:44 GMT jceca PRO
thanks jen ...
nothing special .. i'm not in a " number mood " .
Sep 11 2007 14:51 GMT jenylew
Why not?
Number moods are fun to be in (I think) :-)
Have a great day.
Sep 11 2007 14:55 GMT sini
Lovely memory entry!:)
Sep 11 2007 15:07 GMT jceca PRO
i don't know ... nothing spectacular to show you anyway ...
have a great day too :-)
Sep 11 2007 17:12 GMT Lalbabu
Sweet jceca & her friend.
Sep 11 2007 17:15 GMT peterheaven
You were sweet kid,Svetlana.
Sep 11 2007 17:37 GMT bennystr
Beautiful shot and memory!
Sep 11 2007 18:06 GMT grimp PRO
Great memories attached to the shot.

BTW: Never give up (reading your answer to mavik!) Here we say: Don't let your ears hang down. Meaning, keep going!
Sep 11 2007 18:08 GMT jceca PRO
we say the same thing, but about the nose !!! :-))

thank you, grimp !!!!
Sep 11 2007 18:30 GMT jomoud PRO
a wonderful memory shot my friend:)
do not give up on the dream my dear friend.
Sep 11 2007 18:36 GMT korni
lepa secanja....
Sep 11 2007 19:03 GMT pauli3522
Sep 11 2007 19:07 GMT jceca PRO
Sep 11 2007 19:16 GMT pauli3522
Sep 11 2007 19:22 GMT jceca PRO
car accidents or war ............
Sep 11 2007 21:02 GMT will
You look so much like my own sister in this shot! It's really something! She was very cute too, especially at this age. Svet, you are a very sweet girl, I know it's a very crazy world and very bad things happen. You probably know better than anyone. And that we just somehow have to go on. I agree with some who have said here: Don't give up on your dreams..! I know it's not easy to overcome certain things, but I hope you will find happiness. I think you have love. I hope. We all must allow ourselves to love ourselves or we can't really succeed until we do. This isn't a sermon, I just am wishing the best for you. And, I hope you'll take it as that. Thanks.
Sep 11 2007 21:42 GMT jceca PRO
Sep 11 2007 22:27 GMT will
And thanks that you're here with us, you're a special person..:-)
Sep 11 2007 22:40 GMT will
You're very welcome too Svetlana...always..!
Sep 12 2007 14:02 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Awwww...you are beautiful in blue or any color for that matter..dang it I missed Memory Tuesday and Tuesday toes..Ahhh well:-))
Sep 12 2007 14:07 GMT jceca PRO
never mind ... you need a break sometimes ...
enjoy in your weather and lake while you can :-)

and thanks !!!
Sep 12 2007 14:08 GMT Sweetoes PRO
It's COLD today jceca. I don't like it so I'm hibernating with my camera...and dancing on chairs:-))
Sep 12 2007 14:12 GMT jceca PRO
here is cold in a last 10 days or so ... very, very cold, rainy and unbelievable windy ....
i'm not even in a dancing mood .
summer story is over... :(
Sep 12 2007 14:26 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Awww jceca...but dancing makes everything all better...come on over and dance with me my friend...I'm playing with ummmmm....pink:-))
Sep 12 2007 14:34 GMT jceca PRO
cool !!!!!! :D
Sep 12 2007 22:04 GMT irashid
So sweet!!!
Sep 14 2007 01:07 GMT wifey
A sweet nostalgic contribution. Congrats on the 900+!
Sep 14 2007 01:08 GMT jceca PRO
thank you :-)
Sep 16 2007 11:20 GMT dcz
aqui si que sonries, buena, buena.