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........ MY GLASSFRIDAY ENTRY ........

" Broken hearts, love's deceit,
pieces fall down to my feet.
Broken promises, love's a lie,
puddles form from tears I cry.
Broken dreams, love's illusion,
sorrowed cause of your intrusion.
Broken hope, love's a game,
doesn't last, ends the same.
Broken sleep, love's the cause,
digs at me with sharpened claws.
Broken spirit, love of sorrow,
stolen now is my tomorrow.
Broken life, love is lost,
Broken now and that's the cost. "

* Rachel Barnett *
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2007 17:45 GMT bennystr
Such a beautiful illustration for these lyrics!
Fabulous entry!
Jul 12 2007 17:45 GMT sini
Lovely image! Great entry!:)
Jul 12 2007 17:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well put together
Jul 12 2007 18:00 GMT irashid
Wonderful Glassfriday Entry !!!

And A strong message too !!!!

Great Work!!!!!!
Jul 12 2007 18:24 GMT SIGMUND
Great entry dear friend!!
Jul 12 2007 18:39 GMT will
Oh boy, that's a sad one...-((
Jul 12 2007 19:02 GMT Mafernandes
cool!!! belo!!! lindo!!!
Jul 12 2007 19:42 GMT Riet
What a very sad song :(((
A wonderful entry...your photo is very stylish :)))
Jul 12 2007 20:47 GMT korni
izvanredna i ideja i realizacija!
Jul 12 2007 21:30 GMT mariazinha32
great entry......LOLLLLL i have one of those hearts too
Jul 12 2007 21:33 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, very old one ... i think my mom got it for women's day or so .... centuries back !!!! :-))
( not from my father !!! )
Jul 12 2007 22:16 GMT Vasca
Cool entry!!!!!!!!
Jul 12 2007 22:17 GMT megmet PRO
A magical combination of words and image.... An excellent entry!
Jul 12 2007 23:38 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful artwork! O live the colours and black bacgroud!
Beautiful taste entry, dear jceca!

Short while ago I was need vocable "break" in vocabular for Paulina /I wrote to her Czech republic and Solwakia breaked in 1993!/ !!! Telepatie???
Jul 12 2007 23:40 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you for comment! Have a happy sumer weekend, dear Svetlana!
Jul 13 2007 00:18 GMT jceca PRO
thank you dear ...
well ... we know EVERYTHING about broken stuffs, right ?
i mean, the countries .......
Jul 13 2007 00:21 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful composition!
A great sympolic matched with the sad poem!!
Great entry, dear.......

As I read the poem above, here a poem for you! ;P

The one that has the key to heart,
Better hold it tight.
And know that you are thinking about them
All through the day and night
But don't just think of it as nothing
Think of it as your life on a death line
If he looses the key your heart breaks
And the glass shatters,
There will never be another key to replace it
Just that one,
And when you finally get all the pieces back together
There will still be one missing from the key that broke the lock.
Cause it wasn't the right key And you gave it away and you knew it would. just shatter after a while.

(Jamie Cutler)

Jul 13 2007 00:25 GMT jceca PRO
it is not in french .... great !!!!!! :-)))
thank you, dear ...........
Jul 13 2007 01:30 GMT abojovna PRO
Good night, good morning!
Jul 13 2007 01:33 GMT Poulet PRO
My pleasur, dear!
Next Time I'll give you some Thai poem !!! heheeeeee...;))))
Jul 13 2007 01:52 GMT jceca PRO
good night, abojovna !!! :-)
Jul 13 2007 01:54 GMT jceca PRO
i'll show you my thankfulness with some serbian one, Poulet !!! :-))
Jul 13 2007 02:30 GMT jomoud PRO
wow jceca!!
This certainly is a special and fabulous entry for this week!
The image is spectacular and the accompanying words are emotional.
Have a happy weekend my dear friend!!!!
Jul 13 2007 03:21 GMT 7den
Excellent work! Great entry!
Jul 13 2007 03:53 GMT dcz
maravillosa foto bien acompaņada del poema, me gusta el color que dan los clips ( la foto mia no esta tomada en Palma si no en Lisboa concretamente en la Fundacion Gubelkian)
Jul 13 2007 04:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
fantastic entry jceca!!
Jul 13 2007 05:34 GMT senna3
Beautiful poem with such a magnificent illustration!!
Jul 13 2007 05:39 GMT pp11364
Great composition.
Jul 13 2007 06:27 GMT Kurt
Beautiful work and words...
Have a great weekend, dear jceca..;-)
Jul 13 2007 06:48 GMT Squirrel PRO
Outstanding photo..........excellent entry
Jul 13 2007 07:59 GMT SHEHOU
wow...nice poem....good pic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 13 2007 12:05 GMT JJAP
Nice, very, very nice!!!!!!!!!
Jul 13 2007 13:29 GMT PaP67
nice artwork interpretation !
Jul 13 2007 13:57 GMT Parens
Divna fotka.Baš potiče inspiraciju za stihovima...
Jul 13 2007 14:51 GMT faenzu
Excellent entry!!!
Jul 13 2007 15:03 GMT LizSA
Oh Jceca...this is a masterpiece.........so full of art....!
and so sensitive....!